Anmol Saxena, Software Engineer 2 - Microsoft has been recognized as Under 30 Emerging Industry Experts by Business Mint

Anmol is a Software Engineer with a solid engineering experience in startups and big tech alike.


Anmol Saxena is a Software Engineer with a solid engineering experience in startups and big tech alike.

He started exploring his knack of building technology products early on while in college, and commemorates about his first product which was an android app for automating the roadside photocopy shops to an on demand documents delivery model as part of his college internship project. 

Beginning his career at Proptiger (now REA, India), he started exploring opportunities in web scraping and data engineering and got a chance to own and build some data pipelines critical to business decisions. His tech expertise for data acquisition and engineering was further leveraged during schema rearchitect activities at the time of implementation of government act RERA which led to some major org wide data schema changes. Anmol also has his name in the winning team of the worldwide company hackathon where the team implemented a natural language based real estate entities’ search engine which was eventually productionised.

Moving on to his next role at Airblack, Anmol was one of the initial engineering hires and got to build the backend for multiple platforms in the microentrepreneurship startup from scratch. He fondly recalls the experience of owning the deliveries and building under the need to pivot from travel to beauty based platform during the inception of covid. All eventually worked out well for the company that eventually grew as one of the largest beauty platforms in India and scaling to other microentrepreneurship horizontals in addition to travel and beauty and DIT courses.

With the intent to move to a broader engineering scale and solve problems for engineering resilience and scale, Anmol joined INDmoney and led the engineering team for banking integrations and launched the first version of the platform’s banking product “Super Saver Bank Account” in partnership with engineering and product teams from INDmoney as well as external banks. Anmol eventually ventured into engineering leadership across various verticals ranging across banking, rewards and savings balances/expenses tracking and loved his experience of working along and learning from the engineering leadership at the company.

Currently working at Microsoft as part of the engineering teams working on launching AI based creator products, Anmol mentions he absolutely loves the experience of working for teams launching products in a planet scale, tech-first company. Absorbing and collaborating from some of the best leaders and engineers across the industry, he plans to acquire the skills of building resilient, maintainable and scalable tech/AI products by driving technology innovation responsibly.