Arjun Natarajan has been recognized as Most Prominent Business Icon of the Year - 2022, Tamil Nadu in Cross border Management Consulting & Investment Category by BusinessMint.

Arjun Natarajan is a global citizen who has lived and traveled to many parts of the world, from East to West. 

Arjun Natarajan is a global citizen who has lived and traveled to many parts of the world, from East to West. He has a diverse portfolio with a strong background in Management Consulting and Investment. Having worked in the consulting field in China, New York, and India, he has a lot of experience in understanding global markets and cross-border business development. Before the consulting industry, he worked in logistics & transportation in India and the telecom industry for a UK-based company, Virgin Media.

Mr. Arjun is also an award-winning Cross-Border Management Consultant. He has received many recognitions and accolades over the years. He was the winner of the "Global Achiever's Award 2022" by the "Indian Achiever's Forum" for his efforts in "Nation Building." He has also been featured as the "Consultant of the Year 2021" by "The CEO Magazine."

In addition, Mr. Arjun is a global serial entrepreneur "omnipreneur." In 2019, he founded his brainchild venture – A&J Consulting International, a Sino-Indian Management Consulting & Investment firm in Hangzhou, China, and expanded its footprint to India. He is also an Investor and Board Member of ZiDEC - A Blockchain Technology company based in China. He is the current Director of the China Chamber of International Commerce, Zhejiang Branch. He is also a Senior Sino-Indian Business Consultant & Advisor to the Zhejiang Commerce Department.

A&J Consulting International primarily deals with cross-border business expansion, entry to new markets, right-sourcing of suitable partnership firms, product sourcing, crisis management, government relations, etc., with a prime focus on China and India. We aim to provide a "One-Stop Service" to help enterprises solve business expansion, company operation, crisis management, and investment issues. Within 3 years of inception, we have grown to 2 offices in China, 1 office in India, and multiple partner offices across the globe in 5+ countries and 10+ cities. We are a trusted consultant and partner for many firms across the globe in the Sino-Indian market space. We aim to bridge the business gap between China and India with the rest of the world. 

Today A&J provides investment and cross-border business advisory and assistance to various HNIs, private companies & multiple government departments at home and overseas. With our expanding partner-member network, we offer the following services - Consulting Services, Business Services, Investment Services, Citizenship Services & Digital Services to clients in India, China, EMENA, the USA, UK, ISRAEL, AUSTRALIA & we are currently expanding our footprint in the African continent. 

Mr. Arjun shares that one of the most exciting parts of his entrepreneurial journey is building an international and cross-cultural team with a strong affinity towards the Indian and Chinese cultures. Most of our team members today share a strong vision of bridging these nations. Currently, Mr. Arjun is largely focused on empowering domestic businesses to scale up their cross-border activities and make cross-border business development mainstream.

It is a true pleasure for Mr. Arjun and the "A&J family" to be honored with the award "Most Prominent Business Icon of the Year 2022, Tamil Nadu in Cross Border Management Consulting & Investment Category" by "Business Mint." It will motivate the A&J team to strive further, create a richer impact in the cross-border space, and bridge the business gap between nations. 

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