Business Mint Recognized AppTMedia as the Best Emerging Ad Tech Startup of the Year 2022

A Journey from 12K Salaried person to 1 Million Dollar Start-up        


A Journey from 12K Salaried person to 1 Million Dollar Start-up          

AppTMedia is a One-Stop Digital Solution based in Kolkata which found its genesis in 2019. AppTMedia provides affiliate marketing solutions to advertisers, to enable them to leverage cost-effective and performance-based marketing channels and strategies. The company’s solutions and programs mean advertisers can harness valuable consumer data, drive sales and increase their return on investment.

Through its leading affiliate network of more than 1000+ affiliates, AppTMedia connects businesses with their intended target audience to drive product awareness and increase sales. Furthermore, its leading support system provides a broad range of resources and tools to help affiliates and advertisers reach their business objectives.

We had begun our start-up from a one-room one-person and led this journey to an established 10+ employed company controlling its business from Kolkata and Dubai.

AppTMedia Delivers                                           

  • Transparency and control to maintain the agency’s uniqueness
  • Premium media buying as per data profiling, live insights, improved targeting capabilities, optimum budget utilization
  • Best-in-class trading practices
  • Proprietary modeling and optimization approaches
  • Data-driven and creative services
  • World Class UI/UX Designs

AppTMedia has provided great ROI to various Brands around the world in these years. We don’t just say, we do. Whatever we promise, we deliver with 100% customer satisfaction until now and are determined to maintain the same.

We are focused on providing a one-stop IT and Marketing Solution to any kind of business all over India.

Services we provide                                

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Web and Mobile Apps Development
  • SEO Management
  • Content Marketing
  • Technology
  • Email Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • And many more.

At present we have the strongest network with 1000+ Affiliates and 500+ Advertisers from the Industry and we are meeting their requirements every day. In the last 3 years, we dedicated each day to providing our clients their every necessity with zero complaints, because we have the solution for our client’s satisfaction. Our only focus is to provide regular report updates and on-time payments which helps us to achieve the best output in the market.

Our next 10 Year's vision is to create an AI-based Demand-side platform that will help in getting good UA and Good ROI and sales to the Clients.

AppTMedia focuses on the motto that even if the profit generated is low, there shouldn’t be any negative impression on the hard-earned team’s reputation.

Few words about the CEO

A very dedicated and hard-earned position Rohit Sharma is a gem of a person by nature and an excellent leader to the AppTMedia team. He had begun his professional journey residing in a PG in Bangalore, being a fresher with a starting salary of just ₹12,000. He spent around 3 years toiling to learn the in-depth knowledge of the Indian market for business, and the daily basic necessity of any business start-up or establishment. Later returning to his hometown he decided to serve the mass by building his business brick by brick. Now he has become a well-known business person all over India and WW in the Digital Marketing field. He led AppTMedia single handed and now deserving has a great team with a unidirectional target of providing the best deal for any service on our plate.