Business Mint Recognized CREEK as the Best Emerging Startup Networking App of the Year 2022

CREEK - A startup networking platform for the next million entrepreneurs in India.
CREEK - A startup networking platform for the next million entrepreneurs in India.    
CREEK is a social media platform offering multiple opportunities for entrepreneurs, learners, mentors, and other startup professionals. To increase access to entrepreneurship in India and grow together in the startup ecosystem, the application has helped several budding entrepreneurs and startup professionals build strong, influential networks.
Our Approach: Community-led networking App
A network is a system of interconnected people. You might, for example, know your neighbor who knows someone who can fix your water heater. This is an example of a network connecting you to someone you need. In the case of jobs and employment, expanding your network can mean more opportunities. However, in a network, it is likely that one side has more interest in the relationship than the other. This relationship could be strengthened if both parties showed interest in the connection. When a group of people is mutually interested in a relationship, they have formed a community.
CREEK community is a network of like-minded individuals who are either entrepreneurs or professionals who have contributed to building and scaling ventures. 
Our Solution:
CREEK believes in empowering every individual who dreams of starting a venture. Backed by Nasscom and Y Combinator Alumni who are also on the advisory board of the company, the company takes pride in being India's 1st Community-led Start-up Networking App. Whether it's about idea validation, hiring core team members, onboarding advisors, or connecting with like-minded individuals, CREEK offers them all. 
Our Journey:
Launched in August 2021, Currently, there are around 10,000+ members growing 220 percent on an average MoM user Growth. The Members made around 20k connections and exchanged 10k+ Messages.
CREEK only had 200 members in its first month, but now 200+ users join every single day. It's the founders' belief that if we can help our members across platforms, it builds loyalty to the product and enhances brand trustworthiness. During the beta stage, the team spoke to 2,000+ users to get initial feedback.