Business Mint Recognized Cloudtool Technogies Pvt Ltd as the Most Prominent SME Leveraging IT for Business Performance 2022

Our journey as a start-up begin in 2020 when Covid 19 forced India to lock down and whole country was facing challenges of working from home and business tools & technology.

Our journey as a start-up begin in 2020 when Covid 19 forced India to lock down and whole country was facing challenges of working from home and business tools & technology. Many businesses were not ready for this change and was not having infrastructure to deal with the situation. SMEs were mainly affected as they were not using the latest technology for the business processes.

In this situation, we decided to use our experience of ERP implementation and business analytics for supporting SME segment with an objective to offer cost effective cloud tools which should support businesses to run their business remotely and improve productivity by using different tools necessary for various business aspects. We decided to be a IT solution provider for local and global market. We evaluated many solutions in the market and identified ZOHO as the best solution for businesses and we associated with them as a business partner. ZOHO offers various SaaS solutions on a cloud platform. Technology is not just essential for day-to-day running of business but also can help to achieve growth and success when utilised effectively. With the right tools you can adapt to your changing business needs, provide a good level of customer service, minimise operational costs and maximise revenues. Also it benefits for increased productivity, informed decision making and higher returns. With our knowledge and understanding of business processes and needs of latest technology we were able to support our customers very good solutions from ZOHO; which were useful for customers to improve business process with automation, remote working, data analysis and business intelligence.

Since inception we decided to focus on customer centric solution approach and we defined customer commitment, Quality, accountability, Integrity and teamwork as our core values. We are happy to share that we become ZOHO advance partner within one year and not only ZOHO but also our customers appreciated our hard work, ideas and solutions. Today we are a team of 20+ highly motivated young professionals who support our customers by walking an extra mile.

We offer ZOHO CRM solutions with business process automation as a core focus with automated workflows, Schedules, blueprints and email parsing which reduces lots of routine tasks and employees can focus on their core tasks in a more efficient way. We also offer ZOHO projects – Project management tool, Zoho Books – Online GST accounting software, ZOHO People, ZOHO Payroll – Software for HR processes, Zoho Desk – customer support tool, ZOHO connect –commination and collaboration platform, ZOHO Analytics – Modern BI and analytics platform and many more applications. Businesses get real value when all departments are working together for a common objective of creating value for customer. All these applications can be interconnected together and offer a great value for business.

Today we have more than 50+ happy customers who trust on us as a solution provider and we assist them for business expansion with the use of technology. We are constantly evaluating our abilities and learning new technologies in order to support our clients in a better way. We are also working on global projects and our clients are very happy with our solutions and support. We know that leveraging the power of technological innovations today has given a chance to small and medium enterprises to grow and prosper. Now businesses do not need to struggle to attract and maintain their clientele as they have technology power at their disposal. We at Cloudtool are committed to support businesses with the latest technologies for improving business performance.