Business Mint Recognized IND ‘O’ KIDZ as the Mumbai's Most Prominent Indoor Play Center and Party Venue for Children 2022

It all began with a passion to create something ‘new’ and meaningful.

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It all began with a passion to create something ‘new’ and meaningful.

With the world racing in the development of technology around us, the physical movement and activities for kids are restricted in so many ways. And figuring out a solution to this with the idea of building a space that happens to become a child’s LA LA LAND amidst the chaos of this fast-moving city. A place where the child gets to experience playtime like they deserve because its true when they say, ”a child lives their childhood only once.”     

The passion and dedication to bringing it all together are what made IND’O’KIDZ come into existent.

The aim is always been to give the best experience in every service we provide. Not only for the customers but also for our team that has given every second of their 2 years to make this project possible. Our intention has always been to bring in people who are as passionate as us, and this family has helped us make IND’O’KIDZ, one of a kind play zone across the city. We have always been evolving, building, and adding more values and more experiences to this idea.

IND’O’KIDZ has been made with such care and precision which makes the child calm and happy while he/she is inside the arena. The ambiance makes positive energy surround the arena so that even parents love to sit and watch their kids have their quality time.

IND’O’KIDZ arena consists of activities that only contribute to the physical activities, and a 45 minute playtime here helps in completing the physical movement needed by a kid in a day.

Our themed birthday parties are the most loved events for our customers. From their favorite cartoon character themed decor to the cartoon mascot, we give them everything to make their special day count.

While providing all these, the key to the heart of the customer is super appetizing food. And our chefs work from their hearts to serve some of the most amazing continental plates to your table right while you are watching your kids play in the arena. INDOCAFE is a crucial part of the IND’O’KIDZ which makes sure no one goes back unsatisfied.

All the love and support of the team and our beloved customers have made this project such a beautiful success that we wish to be present in each and every city in India, giving more and more kids the experience they would always want to cherish.