Business Mint Recognized Magneton Technologies Private Limited as the Best Emerging IT Services Company 2022

Saritha Devpunje is a versatile and multi-faceted woman who dons many roles.

Saritha Devpunje is a versatile and multi-faceted woman who dons many roles. She's an ace technology whiz and works as the Director of Magneton Technologies Pvt Ltd as well as the CTO of AIontheFly Technologies Pvt Ltd and Dr. Alka Skincare & Healthcare. Saritha is also a free spirit at heart. She worked at CISCO for a while but was never quite happy with just being an employee in a company. Her vision was always to generate employment opportunities for others, so, in 2014, she quit her job, and with investment from her mother, started a small training agency. This was followed by a web design agency, in association with her brother Shiv Sagar Devpunje and husband Mukesh. 

In 2018, she lost her husband in a tragic accident and was left with a little baby girl to bring up on her own. While the incident devasted her, it also made her stronger. Today, she runs a successful business with over 60 employees and numerous satisfied clients. Among the services her firm offers, are IT Training( college and corporate), Interview as a service, Recruitment, web development, mobile app development, digital marketing, cyber security, hosting, branding, digital business transformation, AI & machine learning, VR and MatterPort Photography.

Her company has celebrated 10 years of success, completed over 750 projects and has over 150 regular customers.

Recently, Saritha has also branched out into the wellness space with a start-up - SreeAvnee, distributing skincare products for a premium dermatologically-approved brand across South India - again with the aim to generate employment opportunities to some, and bring affordable skincare solutions to others.

It is no surprise, that with all these achievements under her belt, she was conferred with the Women of Substance Award 2022 for International Women's Day, in the Entrepreneur category by Sheinspire Magazine.

Saritha loves to hand-embroider and has designed many saris. She believes one can pursue both scientific and artistic interests, and the two are not mutually exclusive! Travelling is yet another passion. She believes that everyone faces hurdles in life and no one is completely lucky enough to encounter a clear path ahead. She decided to cross those hurdles instead of giving up, and that's what has kept her going. Her professional advice to women – and people in general – is to get up and walk out of their comfort zone. Only then, can one experience success.