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How a Pune startup carved success in MNC dominated industry
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How a Pune startup carved success in MNC dominated industry

Minimac Systems, a Pune-based company, is a provider of global quality standardized and customized solutions for oil flushing, chemical cleaning, oil purification, and oil testing. This 100% indigenous startup company is determined to innovate and present solutions under the “Make in India” campaign.                                    

The lubrication and hydraulic reliability market is valued at approximately USD 1 billion in India & USD 4 billion in the world and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5%. The market is dominated by American and European companies. In this MNC dominated industry, Minimac Systems shines through all these years by helping industries save millions of dollars with the technological advancements in the field of contamination control.                                  

Anshuman Agrawal, an IIT-IIM Grad quit his job at Tata Motors and founded this multi-million dollar valuation manufacturing startup back then in 2012. The company was incorporated with the mission to accelerate the adoption of cost-efficient technologies and practices for improved reliability and performance of lubrication & hydraulic oil systems. This company initially started with a group of 8 employees. Today, it has a team of 50+ talented people who never fail to meet the business needs with utter perfection. Minimac offers the best-in-class, versatile, application-compatible, cost-efficient equipment for lubrication reliability and contamination control. The company has established a strong brand and market presence in Asia, the Middle East & Caspian, North Africa, Africa, South-East Asia, and Australia. Minimac is a holder of many esteemed awards & recognitions and represented India in the Top 100 startups in Brazil and featured amongst the Top 3.




In support of ‘Vocal for local’, 100% of Minimac’s vendor base is Indian companies, and raw materials for the products are sourced locally. The Company came up with innovative products & services with the help of its R&D team. The indigenization of 8+ technologies is done to offer cost-effective solutions to clients. Digital marketing and branding activities helped them to overcome the challenges and generate more revenues for Minimac. Importantly, the company had an outbound strategy in place and published many technical articles, organized 14 webinars successfully impacting a community of 1 lakh plus professionals globally.                                                               

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“We are incredibly proud of what we are doing to create awareness towards lubrication excellence. Completing 10 years is a great accomplishment for us. We believe that a company's business prosperity and productivity completely depend on the entire team, and no single person can take the full credit for all these years of our success. It is a delightful celebration for all who have been a part of Minimac. Let's begin the next 10!” said Anshuman Agrawal, Founder & Managing Director of Minimac Systems.

Minimac is set to achieve its next wave of growth and expansion. Moving towards the Maintenance 4.0 program and developing IoT-based AI tools for condition management of assets; the company is also looking for technology collaboration with companies abroad to build better products for the Indian market.