Business Mint Recognized Nanolite Infratech Pvt.Ltd as the Most Promising SME of the Year 2022

Nanolite is India’s leading brick machine manufacturer with a wide portfolio of Lightweight Bricks, Concrete Blocks, Flyash Bricks, Paver Blocks and Parking Tiles machinery.

Nanolite is India’s leading brick machine manufacturer with a wide portfolio of Lightweight Bricks, Concrete Blocks, Flyash Bricks, Paver Blocks and Parking Tiles machinery. Nanolite has successfully installed over 500 brick plants across India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bhutan.      

Nanolite helps its customers setup brick / block manufacturing plants using high-end quality components yet under less investment. They are well known for Quality Products, On-Time Delivery & Competitive Prices in both National & International Markets. With the experience & expertise achieved through several years, Nanolite guarantees the best quality brick / block from the very 1st batch of production.                           

The directors at Nanolite – Mr. Pradeep Varma, Mr. Umar Shareef, Mr. Varun Shankar and Mr. Dhiraj Varma brings in diverse strengths and expertise to make brick manufacturing industry India more sustainable and profitable.                        

India is the second largest producer of bricks in the world and manufactures nearly 200 billion bricks a year. 65 percent of these bricks are produced in the Indo-Gangetic plains, which have one of the world’s most fertile alluvial plains.

Unorganised brick kiln industries are not just destroying the fertile top soil but also, they are emitting black carbon and polluting the air. The brick kilns emit toxic fumes containing suspended particulate matter rich in carbon particles and high concentration of carbon monoxides and oxides of sulphur (SOx) that are harmful to the eye, lungs and throat. These air pollutants stunt the mental and physical growth of children.

Brick machine manufacturing business in India is very unorganized and often dominated by small players with no control over quality and lack of commitment. Due to such unorganized machine manufacturers, entrepreneurs who have ventured into brick manufacturing business face a lot of problems such frequent breakdown of machines, low quality brick output, infeasibility of projects due to availability and landing costs of raw materials.

Understanding these various problems in the brick manufacturing industry, the founders of Nanolite strive with a vision to make brick manufacturing a more convenient and profitable business for the users. Nanolite helps customers in performing feasibility analysis for setting up brick plants, selecting suitable products based on availability of raw materials, calculation of production cost & margins based on market costs, estimating the size of market & determining the ideal project budget.

Nanolite has state of the art manufacturing facility with best fabrication equipment in house, which helps to deliver best quality brick machines. Nanolite uses best in class quality and branded components which ensure there is very minimal break time in running the machines and easy availability of spares. Apart from providing the best machines, Nanolite dedicated installation team would visit the customer site once the machines are delivered, they perform the complete installation of equipment’s, does trail productions, provide training to the client & his team and explain procedure for regular maintenance of the machines. Thus, by providing complete turnkey solutions to its customers Nanolite maintains its position of being the No. 1 brick machine manufacturer in India.