Business Mint Recognized Proper Pakoda as the Best Emerging Indian Fast Food Brand 2022

Proper Pakoda was Started in 2021 by Mr. Aniket More.
During his Job, He Founded a Consultancy Company for Startups under the Name of "Sahii Business".
Proper Pakoda
Proper Pakoda was Started in 2021 by Mr. Aniket More.
During his Job, He Founded a Consultancy Company for Startups under the Name of "Sahii Business".
Sahii Business Aim to Provide Solution for Entrepreneurs who Wanted to Start their Well-known Brand in the Market.
Aniket Found Lots of Obstacles in various Industries and his Study Triggers him to Explores More About the Food Sector.
Through his Research Aniket Cracked Some Formulas that will Work to Build an Organized Food Brand.
Having 10+ Years of Experience in Various Industries, He Realised the Food Industry Dominates the Market but Indian Authentic Street Foods are Unhygienic & Unable to Maintain Consistent Taste so here He Started Proper Pakoda.
He Said About the Street Food Market, He Found that Everyone Loves Pakoda in India but Still no Specific Brand is Properly serving in Pakodas. He Took 6 Months to Research About Different Pakodas from the Different States & their Recipes that was a Very Excited Journey but Very Difficult to Set Every Recipe Perfectly.
He made all the Pakoda Recipe in his own unique way and also, he is quite ready and looking forward to launching many more menus for his in-house upcoming Brands.
After Proper Pakoda got Positive Response, he also Started Expanding Through Franchises.
His Brand Presentation, Unique Food Preparation & Serving System Impacted in Fastfood Market Very Fast. In the First 6 Months, he Opened 2 Franchises.
Still, He went from many problems but he was always overcome by his thoughts, He said "When anyone Start Anything New in a Different Way, they will Always Face Difficulty but Every Problem has a Solution" and he handled that by Continues Experimenting on Recipes, USP, Systems, Strategy and Automation of Daily Operation.
In Such a Short Time Proper Pakoda Gain the Trust of Customers & After Some Time Customers are Asking for Pakoda Premixes.
Most Importantly he Focused on Quality, Taste, and Hygiene and parallelly he Take Personal Attention to Customer Acquisition and Engagement. Taking Feedback is the Strategy Which Helps him a Lot, Aniket Said.
Today Proper Pakoda Stands in Food Industry as India's First Organized Pakoda Brand. This Kind of Indian Street Food would be the Future of the Global Market.
And also, as per the market analysis, He is going to Launch Pakoda and Many Other Premix Retail Packaging Soon.
The Company is Doing Above the Expectation and Customers are Very Much Liking the Whole Concept. He is Looking for Expansion with the 1000+ Franchise Outlets all over India and As Well As in The World.
To serve the best of his knowledge to the Entrepreneur Community, He Founded “The Foodpreneur” Platform and He is on a Mission to Help 100,000 Entrepreneurs Achieve Growth using Brand Building and Make an Impactful Revolution in Food Industry. He is the Creator of the “Food Business Startup Ecosystem Hub”, “Food Startup Business Formula” and “Brand Building Growth Mastery”