Business Mint Recognized SSA COMPLIANCE SERVICES LLP as the Most Promising Company of the Year 2022

SSA Compliance Services LLP is a Bangalore-based Law Firm offering a gamut of services in the arena of Employment and Labor Law.


SSA Compliance Services LLP is a Bangalore-based Law Firm offering a gamut of services in the arena of Employment and Labor Law.

The firm offers a boutique of services for designing, implementing, and monitoring effective policies, procedures, and practices surrounding the compliance of an organization and its employees.  The Advisory and Consulting solutions along with Audit services, emerge from aligning workplace regulations with State and GOI regulations as well as remain in sync with industry-specific regulations.

Analyzing the gaps in an organization’s Employment and Labor Law practices and assessing the potential risks it poses and offering solutions to mitigate and expunge them is a forte of SSA. With the finest minds and brains to pick on, SSA has already carved a niche for itself by commanding a discerning core team along with the highly knowledgeable and experienced Legal Attorneys and Counsels.  

The kaleidoscopic changes in the vista of Employment and Labor Laws need custom-built and cost-effective solutions and demand special agility to keep abreast of all the latest developments in the employment world. With an admirable alacrity, SSA ensures the plumbing of the Employment Law arena of an organization is always up and running!

At SSA, they have created a spread of services through which they assess any lacuna in the HR and Employment Law Compliance realm and raise a ‘red flag’ and subsequently offer tailor-made solutions to combat the issues!

Founders of SSA                           

Dr. Amitava Ghosh, Co-Founder and Employment Law Principal Partner is an Employment Attorney specializing in labor law and employment issues. His signature strengths are in Employment and Labor Law Advisory, Policy formulation, Employment Litigation resolution, Opinions on Employee Relations Issues, and Compliance Audit.

He has to his credit 76 Publications, and 05 international research papers. He is a published author of 5 critically acclaimed and thought-provoking books related to employee management and labor law and women empowerment. His book on GIG Economy made him the first Indian writer to delve into the realm of the emerging trend of GIG working and earned him the best book award by Amazon.

He has presented research papers at the prestigious forums of ILO, ILERA, and is a Visiting Faculty in Universities, Business Institutions, and a distinguished speaker at forums on Employment Laws and Its Reforms. An erudite intellectual who has a tremendous life force, he is not content sitting on his laurels!

Ms. Swati Saxena Jha, Co-Founder and Managing Partner is a Business Enthusiast, fiercely passionate, and brings to the table a flair for strategic planning and execution. She was a founder member of Medeka Health, so starting a business isn't her first rodeo. She trusts her instincts about her services.


Because her company plan is the written representation of the vision she sees in her mind, her entrepreneurial potential has steadily altered with sensitivity since she founded SSA Compliance Services LLP, a Bangalore-based Employment Law Start-up Firm as a Co-Founder.


She is the author of Two International Bestsellers on business and women's empowerment, as well as Eleven Published Articles. She has been awarded the WEFT – Author of the year award for the Business Book. A Business & Law graduate her passion for new business, writing, and learning drives her to scale new heights!


“At SSA we Create Success and Value Together”