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Cupping & Hijama Wellness Clinic was co-founded by Muzaffar Ali Ahmed Rai and Mrs. Kohinoor Ibrahim (Both  are spouse) in 2016.
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Cupping & Hijama Wellness Clinic was co-founded by Muzaffar Ali Ahmed Rai and Mrs. Kohinoor Ibrahim (Both are spouse) in 2016. They started Hijama (Cupping) as a religious practice to revive the sunnah, due to less or no information about hijama among  ullamas and common people in Kolkata at that time. To bring awareness and revive this forgotten sunnah they started doing various camps.

Both of them started treating patients without any fees for 4-5 years at home and office. Soon they realized the need to learn hijama in a professional way. This realization made them enroll in Simply Hijama Beginners Course, U.K In 2016 after watching the BBC live interview on cupping by Dr. Rizwhan Suleiman they further enrolled themselves in the ICAHT Hijama diploma course U.K . After that they went to learn hijama under Prof. 

Dr. Sharique Zafar Mumbai spoke about the contribution of the Chinese to cupping and its promotion. In Kolkata they went to learn TCM under Dr. D. Bakshi at the Institute of Research and Integrated Medicine, IRIIM to understand traditional medicine, diagnosis, and more holistic treatments.

 This quest to understand the human body made them undergo 300 hrs intensive classroomcourse of acupuncture , Moxibustion and Cupping.After this they found some phisical training,techniques and exercises should be done during and after hijama.To learn more into it this time they made Dr. Azhar Siddique of Delhi there mentor who guided them in sports cupping,functional cupping, rehabilitation, etc, through his M.D  Cupping Course      

Both Mr. and Mrs. Ali have also learnt Fascia needling from Dr M.A.Marzouq founder of Dynamic Fascia, Saudi Arabia. Mrs. Kohinoor Ibrahim has completed her P.G. Diploma in Reflexology and Aromatherapy to bring more wellness to her clients from Vedic Wellness Institute Florida. Recently, in their practice, they found the need to give proper diet to their patients due to poor eating habits and lifestyle.They also felt the need to learn weight loss techniques for there regular pain management patients. 

Now, they went to learn weight loss management under Dr. Atin Banerjee in Kolkata.They both are regular students of Dr. Buddhadeb Nath Kolkata. Dr. Junaid Khan of Hijama Wellness Center is also their teacher and mentor. So both of them pursued academic courses in India through the best faculties and experts in this field and traveled to various cities of India and abroad to learn Hijama, Cupping , Accupuncture, Graston and Moxibation etc. Both mr. And mrs. Ali has also attended a workshop conducted by ICAHT (Institute Of Clinically Applied Hijama Therapy) UK founded by DR. Rizwan Suleiman and gained knowledge under him and hands-on training one to one at Banglore, India for 5 days on Advanced Cupping, Graston (IASTM), Spine manipulation , Fire Cupping, and Lymphatic massage Cupping, Soft Tissue Manipulation. Mr. Muzaffar Ali has spent 28 days in Mongolia for learning Chiropractic and Cupping from Dr. J.Ankhbayarof Angijral Mongolia.

Mr. & Mrs. Ali both are also co-founders of Global Academy Of Hollistic Wellness (GAHW). GAHW is a government registered non profitable trust approved by Niti Ayog to train new hijama and acupuncture therapist.Cupping & Hijama is an ISO 9001 : 2015 Certified a quality management system. It is also certified from American Merit Council, British Council Of Complimentary Medicines. Mr. & Mrs. Muzaffar are life members of International Cupping Assosiation [ICA], Accupuncture Science Assosiation [ASA], International Federation Of Hijama Practioner [IFHP], they can found in World Hijama Directory.  Mr Muzaffar a B.S.C. graduate from Calcutta University & PGDBM from Chennai before doing hijama was working in a pharmaceutical MNC company for 11 years.His vast knowledge and work experience in Allopathic Pharma products made him take his new venture Cupping & Hijama Wellness Clinic become one of the best hijama clinic in kolkata .His approach of connecting with people and treating them after proper consultation with love,patience and guidance has made his clinic a  unique one of its kind. His priority to make his clients happy with diferent approaches every time is commendable.

In next few years cupping and hijama wellness clinic aims to create new practitioners under him . Muzaffar Ali and his wife Mrs. Kohinoor Ibrahim also plans to add sunnah foods and more prophetic medicine in their clinic.