Delo Architects has been recognized as the Most Creative Architectural Design Firm of the Year 2022

Architect Yogesh Tavethiya and Interior Designer Pooja Shihora-Tavethiya started Delo Architects, a multidisciplinary design practice, in January 2016. 
Design Awards
Architect Yogesh Tavethiya and Interior Designer Pooja Shihora-Tavethiya started Delo Architects, a multidisciplinary design practice, in January 2016. Bringing their individual aesthetic strengths, technical expertise, creative inclinations and artistic vision to the table, the duo has made Delo one of the leading architectural firms in the country. Providing strong and able support to the partners is a team of qualified, dynamic, committed and sensitive professionals offering innovative design solutions. The young firm prides itself in having stayed away from a signature style but believes that most complex and beautiful solutions are often the simplest. Their commitment to style combined with simplicity has led them to do a wide range of architectural, interior and Landscape. Delo Architects has offices in Surat and has several achievements to their credit.
Delo Architects believes that design should be timeless, which while fulfilling a client brief, go beyond it. A design should stand the test of time, style and trends. Each client is important and special to the firm, and deserves attention and time. To that end, Delo desires to work on only a few projects at a time to ensure complete focus and involvement. The partners strive to make the office a second home for all those who work here, to evoke a sense of ownership and belonging, and create a happy, satisfying environment which enables each one to grow and evolve. Delo Architects has a strong ethical culture which drives all designs in the studio!
         Delo Architects has won numerous Awards in the past few years. They have recently won the Nationwide Design & Architecture Award - 2022 as Most Creative Architectural Design Firm of the Year-2022 – Surat. 
Showcasing creative freedom in small to large scale projects, pushing forward to large scale spaces, they have always been very selective in their clientele and design outreach. Having a niche in innovative space design with years of delivering luxurious and high-end projects, team DELO aspires to work on much larger projects pan India. Recently Delo working on various part of the country. 
Yogesh Tavethiya – Principal Designer, Partner 
Yogesh Tavethiya with his impeccable qualifications, excellent technical expertise and extensive background in city design. He studied architecture at Institute of Environmental Design (IED) in Vidhyanagar and completed his Master’s Degree in City Design at the Sarvajanik College of Engineering & Technology Surat (SCET). 
Design is about making people happy, either functionally, aesthetically or emotionally; believes Yogesh. His passion for Urban Development gave him the advantage to work in national level project National War Memorial at India Gate-Delhi Under WEBE Design Leb. Yogesh’s passion for architecture has inspired him to help others acquire knowledge and learn from his experiences. He is a visiting juror at various Design institutes. He is also an Associate member of the Indian Institute of Architects (IIA) and. Yogesh believes that in order to have a well-rounded personality, it is essential to observe and imbibe the diverse cultures of the world. To that end, he is an avid traveler. 
Pooja Shihora - Principal Designer, Partner 
Designs, Details & Sketching always incites Pooja from very early age. These tools have helped to grow Studio immensely. Pooja achieved her Bachelor's degree in Interior Design. She has extensively worked on and interior design And Product design projects. Her passion for work was insatiable which led her to be involved in all stages of design process from conceptualizing, meeting clients, sourcing, manufacturing and transforming it into reality. She does not fail to exceed client's expectation. Emphasis is laid on quality and she embraces fine craftsmanship and meticulous details required for design excellence.