Dr.Sreekumar Appukuttannair, has been recognized as Most Promising Functional Nutritional & Cellular Medicine Practitioner of the Year - 2022, Kerala by BusinessMint.

The first step Upon completing my SSLC in the early 70s, I was under the impression that a good education equates to a good life.
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The first step Upon completing my SSLC in the early 70s, I was under the impression that a good education equates to a good life. It was this belief that led me to continue with my education with Pre-degree 2nd group, which was much sought after at the time.

 Two years after that decision and three months before the university was set to start, my father, who was serving in the army at the time, came home for his vacation and asked me what my new goal was upon achieving my pre-degree. This question made me think…I was not interested in achieving a conventional degree. I then decided to study hard and sincerely for 3 months to obtain a medical seat. 

Among the medical subjects, the surgical specialties always stimulated me as I found the subject to be more exciting and adventurous. To that end, I joined as a Senior House Surgeon at Trivandrum Medical College in the departments of General Surgery, Cardio-thoracic, and Neurosurgery. My professors, Dr. Elizabeth, Dr. Menon, and Dr. Sambasivan had a great influence on me and served as my mentors on my path to becoming an ENT Specialist.

 With over 40 years of medical experience in India and almost 5 years in the UK and the middle east, the remainder of my workmanship was practiced in India, particularly in Pushpagiri hospital, Thiruvalla, Medical Mission Hospital, Parumala, and then in NSS Medical Mission Pandalam, a 500 bedded multi-specialty hospital as Senior Consultant in ENT, Head & Neck Surgeon & Medical Superintendent for 18 years till 2002. I continued ENT practice as visiting consultant in West side hospital, Kochi, and Changanacherry NSS Medical Mission till 2016.

 A few years later, I learned clinical biochemistry, followed by Nutritional and Environmental Pollution, and finally did my fellowship at an Australian college that trained doctors in Nutritional Medicine and obtained FACNEM in [year].

 In order to practice Functional Wellness Medicine, I started a centre in 2002 at Kochi which was inaugurated by Mr. K.T. Sankaran, Minster of Health, Kerala state. Through this, I have been involved in the health care practice in the most scientific manner. The centre has always stood by these beliefs and today, it has brought about a client strength of more than 300,000.

 I have been involved in starting the following: Wellness clinic, Integrative functional medicine, Cellular health clinic , Geno-metabolic wellness clinic,  School health initiative program,Corporate workplace wellness program

 Wellness is nothing but optimal, sustainable, personalized health. Wellness is wealth and achieving wellness or wellness management is the present hope in healthcare and also what Wellness Solutions will continue to strive towards for the foreseeable future.