Harsh Kalyani, CEO - TopRewards.in | Kikoy Promotions LLP has been recognized as Under 40 Promising Entrepreneur by Business Mint

Harsh Kalyani is the CEO/Director at TopRewards (India | Kenya |Uganda | Tanzania)

Harsh Kalyani is the CEO/Director at TopRewards (India | Kenya |Uganda | Tanzania)

Harsh Kalyani has 15 years of experience and a proven track record of successfully implementing over 1000+ promotional & tactical consumer campaigns along with 25+ loyalty programs in a span of 8 years. He is a passionate leader and a tough taskmaster who knows how to deliver. Have an average of implementing a campaign in 36 hours. high-energy, result-oriented, and recognized for innovative implementation strategies for customer acquisition and retention. talent for building the best team with strong problem-solving skills and the ability to manage time-sensitive projects.

Working with Harsh Kalyani has been one of the best experiences. We feel proud and honored to be a part of his startup, Toprewards. His understanding of technology and knowledge of the industry have made delivering the project a breeze. Harsh Kalyani has the utmost trust and faith in all his employees. There is complete transparency in the workplace, and all employees are treated equally, irrespective of the role assigned to them. All festivals and important milestones are celebrated here, irrespective of caste, creed, or religion. 

Top Rewards, an initiative by Kikoy Promotions LLP, is a specialized marketing and sales promotion agency that deals in consumer promotions, brand marketing, and channel sales or distributor loyalty programs.

Our vision is to become the largest rewards and marketing agency in the next 10 years by rewarding and delighting consumers all around the world!

We strive for the growth of our clients by rewarding their consumers and making them happy!

We at TopRewards believe in making consumers look smart while serving our clients with maximized profits in the form of sales. We specialize in curating low-cost promotions with high perceived values.

There’s no sector that we leave out! Be it FMCG or automobile; pharma industry or retail, we aim to provide the best solution services and consulting. TopRewards rewards both its clients as well as its consumers with the best marketing tactics, resulting in eventually increased sales, both offline and online. We are not just efficient with our ideas but also effective with their execution.

We at TopRewards relentlessly strive to cater to the needs of our customers by going through leaps & bounds. We, as a company, have always put our customers' satisfaction above stacking cash.

Since the beginning, running a successful business has always helped us focus more on nurturing the relationship with our clients, addressing their concerns, & satisfying their needs. Therefore, we don’t believe in a push sale strategy, but rather focus on truly helping our clients