Hitesh Bang, CEO & MD - HBang Hospitality Pvt. Ltd has been recognized as Under 40 Promising Entrepreneur by Business Mint

Here are the fascinating facts and stories behind this successful Leader from the restaurant industry.

Hitesh Bang, an Entrepreneur from Hyderabad has been named for the Nationwide Awards U40 Promising Entrepreneur – 2023 by Business Mint. Here are the fascinating facts and stories behind this successful Leader from the restaurant industry.

In March 2020, when the Covid -19 Pandemic led to a nationwide lock down, India had come to a standstill. A lot of industries were hit hard and the hospitality industry had the hardest of those impacts, A lot of restaurants across the nation had shut down and the industry was in a disarray.  The stock markets had crashed, economy was crumbling and hospitality as a sector had become the least favourite for any future investments. But, as they say, every cloud has a silver lining and winners look for opportunities in the times of adversities.

Hitesh Bang who is an ex-corporate was working with Dell Finance at the time and while the world around him kept saying this is not the right time to take a risk, he saw an opportunity to explore and decided to pursue his passion of starting a restaurant of his own. In October 2020, he launched a restaurant by the name of Parampara – Flavours of India and in a little over 2 years, this restaurant is considered one of the Best vegetarian restaurants in Hyderabad with a google rating of 4.6 from about 5600 reviews.

What makes this a great entrepreneurship story, is the fact that Hitesh was willing to take a risk when the world around was overwhelmed with what was lost, he was willing to think out of the box and take advantage of what was on offer and as a result, Parampara – Flavours of India has won prestigious awards from Restaurant India awards and Food Icon awards from Times of India. While, the awards prove this restaurant to be a favourite of the critics and the judges the business model makes it a favourite among the masses too. This restaurant offers a great deal of variety like buffet thalis, ala carte menus under the same roof and the menu ranges from authentic Rajwaadi thalis to sizzling brownies which makes it an one stop destination for all vegetarian foodies.

Per Hitesh Bang, “Parampara – Flavours of India is a restaurant which is built on the dreams of a common man, my aim is to bring Fine Dine to the masses and to do it at an affordable price. While we continue to make the world vegetarian, we will do so by providing Fine Dine experience at the Cost of Casual Dine. Hospitality, Quality, Hygiene and flavours are the pillars we laid our foundation on, and we will not rest until we bring the best of all these to every diner that dines with us.”

This story of following one’s own passion, looking at the positives, taking some calculated risk, challenging the set standards and doing something right for the society is what every Entrepreneurial dream are made of and we congratulate Hitesh Bang for this prestigious recognition.