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Khaas Mukhwas is a passion developed product by virtue of the fondness of its founder for mouth fresheners
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Khaas Mukhwas is a passion-developed product by virtue of the fondness of its founder for mouth fresheners. He’s had them since a very young age and to add a twist to the finely grounded betel nuts, dates and fennel seeds were added later by his partner. There was a Eureka moment when this product came about.

Khaas Mukhwas is an after taste Mukhwas which primarily contains dates and fennel seeds along with other flavoring ingredients. This leads to excellent oral health and ensures minimal sugar consumption compared to most other such products in the market. Dates and fennels seeds also have multiple other health benefits as can be found on google.

It's packed with convenience in pocket-size zipper pouches. This ensures that both men and women can carry it through the day in their pockets or purses. Institutional packing has also been introduced so that hotels, catering industry and such can also enjoy Khaas Mukhwas.

Rohit Kauntia Enterprises LLP was formed in August last year to launch Khaas Mukhwas after over 3 years of product trial, unknowingly. This implies that, the founder was making the Mukhwas for friends and family, and with a great response across the country, the idea struck to launch it as a commercial product. Given the experience in the market segment as a strong consumer, he knew the advantages over competing products.

Khaas is a word implying special and the name was chosen after almost 6 months of running through multiple other options. The reason simply was, since he found it so special, it had to be termed accordingly.

In the short journey, Khaas Mukhwas has made way from west to east, and north to south, even though in small pockets. Global trials have also yielded positive trends for the long run.  Its received lots of love and appreciation from over 95% of its consumers and its loved by anyone who has teeth. Children love this product (though we advice minimal consumption, just to taste) and the best feedbacks include fathers of a lot of friends loving this product. The age range if needs to be specified would be 12+ to 90++.

Hotels have started endorsing Khaas due to its special preparedness, and we’ve had to apply patent for the recipe to ensure we keep it safe.

Khaas, in its short journey has seen several challenges but its sure to pave a remarkable way in the marathon of life.

We hope to receive more love and patronage as time flies.