La’espace Design Studio has been recognized as the Most Creative Interior Design Studio of the Year 2022 by Business Mint

They say "Home is where your story begins…..."

La’espace Design Studio

They say "Home is where your story begins…..."

Home…, It’s more than just the walls and windows, creating a home is making a space that is uniquely yours, that expresses you and lets you write a story that is your own.                       

You do not have to compromise on your tastes and preferences, it’s your space, after all, it’s your comfort zone, your sanctuary and nothing should come in the way of taking that away from you. We at la’ espace make it all about you, we help you translate your aspirations into reality. We work with you, we understand you, and we internalize your thought processes before our designers render your dreams into something tangible, something you can start putting your finger on.

We enjoy every minute of watching the spark in your eye when we unveil the way your home will pan out through our 3D presentations. That’s it, sit back and relax. Our experts will take over in transforming these digital designs into the home you were longing for. For the past 12 years la’ espace has been delighting hundreds of clients across Telangana, AP & Karnataka, who vouch for its design language, customer orientation, reliable service and come back for more. Every member of team la’ espace is here because of their passion, be it our designers, our execution teams, or our suppliers, they all take pride in every home delivered and seeing the happiness of our clients. For us at la’ espace, your home is as much ours till we hand it over to you, not just another number.La’ espace is your destination for all your interior décor needs, whether you’re decorating your first home or refreshing your space.