Lakshmi Devan, Global Marketing Consultant and Startup Advisor has been recognized as Under 30 Emerging Industry Experts by Business Mint

Lakshmi S Devan is a global marketing & communications specialist by day.

Lakshmi S Devan is a global marketing & communications specialist by day. By night, she is a thought leader and a fierce online voice normalising conversations around mental health and LGBTQIA+ rights in the workplace.

She started her career at a digital media agency writing copies for brands like Fanta and Sprite and to date has worked across industries like fashion, fitness, technology, HR and SaaS globally. She specialises in scaling startups 0 to 1. 

She is known to be conspicuously sassy, significantly energetic, and massively empathetic. She loves puns, big words, and the Oxford comma.

In her free time, she works with passionate clients globally via consulting, coaching and workshops to help them distinguish their brand amidst the clutter of brand spam.

We’ve all had periods in our lives where everything seems to be going wrong. Maybe we didn’t get the promotion we wanted, our finances are a mess or we’re continuously falling out with loved ones. Life throws us these curveballs, however, even during the most challenging stages of life, we’re often expected to continue on at work while ‘being professional’. 

Lakshmi Devan challenges this notion of professionalism, in a bid to create inclusive and supportive places where people can openly talk about their mental health while feeling comfortable with their sexuality. 

She has been covered on like March8, India Times, Finance Story, She the People TV. She also represented India at the Global Employer Branding Conference 2022.