Live Fabulous has been recognized as Eco-Friendly Innovative Company of the Year - 2022, Interior Design Category, Gurgaon by Business Mint

Live Fabulous aims in capturing the spirit of the clients and the essence of the space. 
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Live Fabulous aims to capture the spirit of the clients and the essence of the space. They believe that a graceful and elegant home should, not only be a privilege reserved for those born with a golden spoon but also deserved by everyone.

Company’s mission is to Redefine Interiors Industry by introducing sustainable & environment friendly Interior Design Solutions, that merge with the surroundings & enrich the quality of life. In the realization of Soulful Luxury style, they constantly experiment by sourcing locally produced or recycled materials with interesting textures that leave less carbon print on our planet.

The brand embodies global sophistication by bringing positive affirmations to each Live Fabulous home. They integrate natural elements supported by the latest technology that make home an escape from all chaos of the world!!

Live Fabulous has already grown its business in mega-cities of Delhi NCR after barely 5 years of developing attractive residential spaces. In a brief time, they have established themselves as a trustworthy name and have successfully completed over 75 projects, and are diligently trying to complete more.

Their resolution is to design and install spacious homes that boast a touch of taste, class, and integrity. They attempt to keep the designs simple and elegant, with highly evolved sensibilities, a natural leaning towards minimalism, and an understanding that form always follows function.

Design, for them, is about giving structure to experiences, elevating, and making them current while remaining timeless. They consider that spaces should stimulate our senses, touch our emotions, and, of course, address the ergonomic needs, all while adding joy to the lives of its homeowners.

The team ensures that the design and aesthetics are carried out properly considering comfort in customers' lifestyles. The execution is done with innovative technology to ensure a fast work tempo, on-time delivery, and cost-effective services.

Live Fabulous Homes are not only about constructing a wall or placing a piece of furniture. They believe in ethics that the client thrives and strives for a new horizon of success and creates beautiful memories with their loved ones.
A testament to that is the series of their repeat clients for whom they have designed more than twice!!