MILIN S SHAH, Director - Sarom Fab Pvt. Ltd. has been recognized as Under 40 Promising Entrepreneur by Business Mint

Sarom Fab Pvt Ltd, Leading the Home Furnishing Space with Milin S. Shah at Lead

Sarom Fab Pvt Ltd, Leading the Home Furnishing Space with Milin S. Shah at Lead

Offering fabrics with a distinct signature and classiness at wholesale rates, Sarom Fab Private Ltd. is one of the most sought Solutions & Furnishings brand specialising in curtains and upholstery. As a one-stop solution for window decoration and upholstery, Sarom has been an active player in India's retail scenario for the last 30 years and has elevated the idea of home furnishings to a new level.

Sarom is a family-owned business with effectively separated work functions. The company's six directors oversee several divisions, yet they collaborate to discuss and make all critical decisions. Sarom takes pride in providing its employees with a pleasant working environment. They treat every employee like family, no matter how big or small. Every member is respected and cared for there. 

SJ, OOFY, and MATLIN are the current three fabric lines offered by Sarom. Each of these brands offers carefully chosen textiles that fit into various pricing ranges without compromising the style or quality of the final product. Sarom adheres to strict testing protocols and is a company whose products can be trusted to be of the highest calibre.

Excellent Guidance- Mr Milin Shah

Mr Milin Shah is one of Sarom's directors and is responsible for the company's administration and furniture market business. What makes him special is that by displaying Sarom fabrics in all reputable stores throughout India, he has elevated business in the furniture industry and enabled all furniture retailers to provide better service to their customers. This idea produced growth of 25% to 30% yearly.

The Inception Story

Many people will be inspired by Sarom's narrative to dream big, and others will be encouraged to take the first step on their journey of a thousand miles. The seeds of Sarom were first sown in the late 90s when the two brothers AmarshiBhai and ShantiBhai set up a small textile exhibition for the wholesale market. They gradually attracted customers' attention before opening a retail location in the Mumbai suburbs. Under the brand name Sarom, they debuted a line of self-edited home textiles in 2005. In 2007, Sarom was founded as a Private Limited business.

The Secret behind the Name – Sarom? 

SAROM is a creation of intense passion, commitment, and effort. The acronym "SAROM" means for ShantiBhai, the company's managing director and founder; "A" refers to AmarshiBhai, who is also the company's managing director and founder; "RO" is for Rohit; and "M" stands for Milin and Manish, the three directors in charge of the company's many verticals. A few years later, Mr Deepak became the sixth Director of the business. Together, these individuals took a small passion for textiles and grew it into one of today's most influential organisations in the Indian textile business.

The Victorious Journey of Sarom  

One of the oldest industries since human civilisation is the textile industry. This industry has seen several changes, growth phases, and inventions, and it still does. Sarom has significantly contributed to this global expansion by revolutionising the Indian textile industry. Sarom introduced the model that is now referred to as the "cut-length" to Indian shops. All home furnishings dealers would initially be required to stock their stores with purchased rolls of cloth. Due to the increased inventory risk, they could only display the bare minimum of goods in their stores to their customers.

The first fabric hangers, which are enormous pieces of fabric with many colour options attached to a hanging hook, were made by ShantiBhai and given to his shop clients. The response was enthusiastic and very complimentary. The shops understood they no longer needed to maintain any inventory and could offer their consumers a wide range of options. Sarom decided to assume the stock's risk on its own. As Sarom started to gain a deeper understanding of its clients and the market, this was a crucial choice and a learning curve in its path. Sarom gradually increased the number of fabric presentations suitable for retail outlets and expanded its market acceptance.

Sarom today is the name to be reckoned with in the Indian home furnishing industry and credits its success to its unwavering commitment to quality and reliable performance. In addition to providing excellent discounts and wholesale rates, they take pride in their service and unique choices.

The Future Outlook of Sarom 

Sarom has a promising future, and nothing can stop them. To achieve a level of customer satisfaction that is unsurpassed, Sarom intends to keep enlarging its vision. They honestly think that each client deserves the same respect and care. With this philosophy, they stand out from the competition and win the hearts of their customers.

Dynamic Leadership 

Shantilal Shah & Mr Amarshi Shah - Founders. 

Milin Shah - Director (Administration and Furniture Market Business Domestic & International)

Manish Shah - New development of Fabrics & Trends. 

Rohit Shah & Mr Deepak Nishar - Retail Furnishing Stores in Domestic & International  Markets.