Manaal Maniyar, Founder & CEO - TailBlaze has been recognized as Under 30 Rising Entrepreneurs by Business Mint

Manaal M Maniyar, 29, is the founder and CEO of India’s most premium dog-food brand, TailBlaze.

Manaal M Maniyar, 29, is the founder and CEO of India’s most premium dog-food brand, TailBlaze. After 5 years of working for businesses in leadership roles, his life completely changed, when Manaal got his first paw-kid Einstein (a Labrador), home. The entry of Einstein started adding a lot of meaning to his life and unearthed a larger cause which needed immediate attention, in front of him. Manaal decided to finally listen to ‘his calling’ and start-out TailBlaze in 2022 with his co-founder & paw-kid Einstein Entreprador (Entrepreneur + Labrador).

Manaal showed signs of the entrepreneurial spirit right from a very young age, quotes his family. Born to a teacher father and a house-wife mother, he always had abundance of values, but limited finances to relish his dreams. But that never stopped him for pursuing two of his favourite hobbies: buying latest gadgets and serving the needy with food, money, and anything which eased-off their pains. His family recalls that when he was around 11 years old, he used to buy mobile phones from eBay (back then, not many people knew about online shopping) at very less prices and sell them off to mobile shops in the vicinity at great margins. In one of the months, he also made around Rs. 1 lac profit at that young age and used the entire money on his two hobbies! He was also a very bright student. He always wanted to do an MBA from the best marketing college of the country and hone his skills further. His dream got the wings and finally landed him in MICA, Ahmedabad – Asia’s finest school for marketing & brand-management. Manaal, not only self-funded his course at MICA but also ended up winning two of the biggest National-level Competitions for MBA students in India. He was also the recipient of Academic Award of Excellence while at MICA. At MICA, he also ended up getting a dream job in Marketing at a Global FMCG brand Reckitt. He outperformed in his 2 years with Reckitt before getting into the startup world with a well-renowned startup Udaan. His last corporate assignment was with DealShare as an Associate Director of Marketing before Einstein changed the course of his life.

Einstein entered and blessed Manaal’s life right before the pandemic stuck in March’20. Interestingly, the pet population in India rose significantly during the COVID19 years. As per reports, the number of pet dogs in India are poised reach to 31 million by 2023 itself! As a concerned first-time pet parent, Manaal wanted to give the best possible care and rearing to Einstein. But eventually he figured out that despite using all the commercially-available renowned and branded products, Einstein was still not at his healthiest best and was turning a bit obese too. He started talking to vets, nutritionists, and experts in the pets-industry to get to the root cause of the problem. In a shocking revelation, he discovered studies that suggested that 51% of the pet-dogs across the Globe were unhealthy, obese, and prone to deadly diseases like cancer. 90% of this problem was attributed to improper diets and lifestyles. It was established that the commercial foods and treats being sold out there were nothing but 'glorified junk', all thanks to the relaxed industry norms.

But thankfully, the rising levels of awareness and education amongst paw-rents like Manaal and the rising disposable incomes have started to bring about a wave of change. Pets are becoming very important members of the families, so much so that families and couples especially, are bringing them up like their own blood, and ready to spend anything for their best nurturing. With this, a lot of paw-rents are becoming very conscious and particular in what they choose for their paw-kids. As a result, TailBlaze was born in Jul’22 with a dream to see millions of healthy tails-blazing in happiness and love after being served with what they truly deserve.

TailBlaze at the core stands for Organic, Raw and Nothing Artificial (No preservatives, toxins, or synthetics) - something which every parent likes giving it to their kids. The highest protein and lowest carbs ever in a dog food makes TailBlaze, the most canine-appropriate dog-food brand in the World. Moreover, the biggest joy coming out of TailBlaze is - Dogs are lapping it up within seconds bringing a lot of joy to them and parents alike.

Within just 6 months from inception, TailBlaze is a top-selling brand across major ecommerce players and pet-stores. The company has already won 4 National Awards for its innovation and promise. And, the ERA has just begun! Manaal and Einstein have set even bigger goals for 2023. They are now gearing up to bring about the same revolution in the pet-grooming space with the brand TailBlaze Pawringa and pets-healthcare app Pawll.