Meticulous Design has been recognized as the Best Emerging Interior Design Firm of the Year 2022 by Business Mint

Meticulous designs India is an Interior, Architecture and Landscape Designing firm based in Surat.
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Meticulous designs India is an Interior, Architecture and Landscape Designing firm based in Surat. Specializing in commercial and residential designing. MDI delivers refined detailed designs with luxurious finishes, occasional bursts of daring colour and modern geometrics.

The Lead Designer, Divyang Bardolia is Dynamic yet an introspective designer who always finds any way possible to reach to the solution, knows how to maintain good client relationship. As a space designer, he believes   that comfort comes first. The place should be functional and comfortable, regardless of how beautiful it is. Sustained client happiness and satisfaction is also a crucial factor. From the initial visit to installation and beyond, the majority of client satisfaction is ensured. One of the most significant considerations when creating any sort of space is that it should provide the client a kind of comfort one desire as they enters the space, a place where one can feel at ease and unwind.                   

Designing a place does not mean it should only look pleasant and aesthetical. When we take over a project, the first thing we do is try to get to know our clients, their preferences and other aspects of the site. We operate in a strategic manner. The team first visits the site and observe it well in order to decide where the certain areas will fit best as per client’s needs and requirements. Following that, we propose a proper space layout to the client, in order for them to finalize and proceed to execution. The team has an extensive understanding of various materials available in the market with different patterns, colours, textures,lightings and makes sure it is aptly executed on the site. After the project is handed over to the client, the team follows up at regular intervals to check the status and client's needs, as the priority of our firm is client's contentment. We experiment with new materials to see how we can use them to develop new and inventive designs. We create a variety of custom furniture with intricate features and patterns with every minute details.                                      

As Details make the Design, understanding the concept that the client wishes to follow, and attempting to convey that essence, is the key to customer satisfaction. The philosophy has a significant impact on the overall mood that will be developed, which will lead to a good design as well as functionality. Keeping the aesthetics in consideration as well. We work on making the designs more pleasant to look at. Apart from that, we strive to create designs that are both timeless and ethical. When it comes to design, it's a crucial component. We come up with solutions to any circumstance using the collective intelligence of our entire team. And we’re far more grateful to be doing this service.