Prices for edible oil are likely to drop by Rs 10–12; manufacturers have agreed to lower prices.

Edible oil producers slashed prices by up to Rs 10-15 per litre in June, and before that, they also decreased the MRP by following the lead of the international market.

Manufacturers of edible oils are likely to lower their costs by Rs 10–12 in order to transmit the benefits of lower worldwide prices on to consumers. According to a story in the media, they revealed this following a meeting with the ministry of food and consumer affairs on Thursday.

In light of softer worldwide pricing, cooking oil manufacturers have agreed to further reduce edible oil costs by Rs 10–12. The Hindustan Times reported, quoting sources, "We had a good meeting with them where we provided a complete presentation with facts.

In response to the recent drop in worldwide pricing, edible oil companies, such as Adani Wilmar, have reduced their rates by up to Rs 30 per litre. The company, which distributes its goods under the Fortune brand, significantly reduced the price of soy oil. The action was taken in response to the government's request that they lower the price of edible oils in order to pass on to consumers the advantages of a drop in the price of edible oils.

Despite price reductions by manufacturers, the ministry believes there is still room for rate cuts as a result of a downward adjustment in global prices, the report quoted an official as saying.

"We are passing the savings on to our clients, who can now count on the cleanest edible oils produced to the greatest safety and quality standards while still being affordable. While recently lowering rates, Adani Wilmar MD and CEO Angshu Mallick stated, "We are hopeful the decreased prices would also enhance demand."

Edible oil producers slashed prices by up to Rs 10-15 per litre in June. Prior to that, they had decreased the MRP by following the lead of the international market. Food Secretary Sudhanshu Pandey convened a meeting of all edible oil groups and significant manufacturers after seeing a further decline in worldwide prices to address the present trend and relay the lowering global pricing.

Soybean and rice bran oils' costs were decreased by up to Rs 14 per litre in February by Mother Dairy, which sells edible oils under the Dhara brand.

India, which imports more palm oil than any other country, depends on Indonesia and Malaysia for its supply. Over 13.5 million tonnes of edible oil are imported annually, of which 8–8.5 million tonnes (or roughly 63%) are palm oil. Today, Malaysia's neighbour Indonesia accounts for roughly 45% of the total. Each year, India buys over 4 million tonnes of palm oil from Indonesia.

Indonesia had halted the export of palm oil in April, which drove up prices in India. Only refined, bleached, and deodorised (RBD) palm olein is subject to the export ban, not crude palm oil. The country lifted the prohibition on May 23 after proclaiming the ban for almost a month.