Priya Kapur, CEO & Founder - Glocal Trunk LLP has been recognized as Under 40 Promising Entrepreneur by Business Mint

The Glocal Entrepreneur donning multiple hats is Priya Kapur, a dynamic achiever who is multifaceted and successfully so.


The Glocal Entrepreneur donning Priya Kapur is a dynamic achiever who wears many hats and does so successfully. After completing her graduation in Mumbai and further aesthetic training with City and Guilds, UK, She set up her first venture, Priya Kapur, Makeup & Hair, in 2005. She authored her coffee table book ‘Bridal Diaries’ (2013) while designing looks for editorials, celebrities, and brides. While grooming lay the foundation for this path, she added another dimension to her business disposition with her jewelry venture. Not content with consolidating her position as business woman with a successful stint of over a decade in the world of grooming, she founded ‘The Glocal Trunk’ (TGT) an online fashion Jewellery retail platform (e-commerce – start-up) under her the company, Glocal Trunk LLP, in 2016.

The Glocal Trunk (TGT) is a home-grown Indian jewelry brand borne out of co-founder Priya Kapur's aesthetic vision. It is a fashion jewelry retail platform, which creates a globally sourced local high-end bazaar experience for all types of jewelry. The brand says it strives to discover, care and curate a sought-after collection of styles, stones, and metals from international jewelry designers and manufacturers from different cities like Paris, London, Greece, Milan, and Istanbul, to name a few.

The Glocal Trunks CSR initiative TGT Growth Buys is a special non-profit platform on the official website for bringing out the talent and creativity of women artisans and differently-abled individuals by giving them a distinct category online to enjoy sales of their handmade and local products created by them. Our first concern is customer satisfaction, followed closely by our meticulous curation of in-vogue and upcoming international fashion trends and jewelry pieces. Quality versus quantity is our motto, so we aim to stock limited fine pieces in each design to give our customers a unique experience. Our Signature and High Street jewelry and accessory ranges are available exclusively online or at select stores. "Our one-of-a-kind collections are designed by celebrated, locally sourced global designers and carefully selected to meet the demands of our global clientele," says the company founder and CEO.

TGT recently launched the & Party Edit Collection and several new additions for the holiday season and Valentine's Day. Each piece is created with the finest jewels.

The brand has been a go-to option for many women from India and worldwide since its inception in 2016. Receiving a grand welcome, the brand is humbled by the appreciation of returning customers. Their vast variety of jewelry online, choice of collections, customer care, and affordable pricing have been their USPs.

Priya balances her responsibilities in the professional and personal spheres quite effectively. Inspired by her mother’s humility and her father’s diligence, she believes she has found the potent formula for success. Striving to build a successful home while scaling her business, Priya believes this is the perfect way to lead a balanced life.

Having manifested the vision of developing TGT as the trusted go-to destination for all fashion accessories, while maintaining the existing quality and price points, she’s now working on another pet project under the company umbrella.

Following the philosophy of "Winners Never Quit" and "Quitters Never Win," Priya asserts that her journey

has only just begun. Creativity has no limit, and there’s always a way to make your dreams a reality.

she propounds.