Rahul Kumar, Product Owner - Solifi has been recognized as Under 30 Emerging Industry Experts by Business Mint​​​​​​​

India has one of the strongest and largest diversity, with exceptionally talented youths. There is no doubt that youths are the future of a country.

Rahul Kumar, a 26-year-old prodigy, has been named for the India's 30 under 30 – Emerging Industry Experts 2023, by Business Mint. 

India has one of the strongest and largest diversity, with exceptionally talented youths. There is no doubt that youths are the future of a country. Being skillful in today’s world is common but being innovative in today’s generation is what the world needs.

The business and technological world of the 21st century has digitized itself and has come up in the market with new hopes. Keeping the same thoughts and ideas in mind, one very young, the skilled industry expert has shown to the world what exactly a person can do if he has the dream and dedication to achieve it.

Rahul believes in the fact that customers are the ultimate king for any businesses. If you keep your customers happy, you can keep your company happy. An MBA graduate from Goa Institute of Management, Rahul is an incredibly bold and inspiring individual who has a true passion for solving business problems not just for the corporates but also for the social organizations. Currently working as a Product Owner at Solifi, a US-based cloud fintech giant, he is building Data Streaming product for the businesses in the domain of equipment finance, retail finance and working capital.

Rahul Kumar is always interested in finance as well as technologies, which enabled him to build user centric solutions and products for the customers. As a result of his interests in both fields, he helps common man in understanding the investing instruments and the financial applications that can assist them in making financial decisions.

 He is one of those unique and skilled corporates who reached the heights of success when he was just twenty-three years old by making his sustainable financial project getting featured into World’s Top 500 SDGs projects by FLL & ROSCongress, Russia. A recipient of Karmaveer Global Young Leader Award 2019 by UN & REXIdeas, his success does not stop here as he continues to excel. Rahul believes success can never be permanent but is momentary. A successful person avoids resting.

He has been a guest speaker at various international and national organizations & institutions including SDSN Youth, IITs, National Youth Council of India etc. He has also worked with Government of Goa in agricultural department to set up financial costing of the Goan organic produce for the local markets.

Along with that, he has mentored more than 100 professionals and students in the field of product management.

There is no doubt that India has produced various great executives, entrepreneurs, doctors, scientists, and engineers. Rahul Kumar has proven to be one of the most valuable human resources our nation has ever had through his work and dedication. It is a deserving achievement for him to be named Business Mint's 30 under 30 as top emerging industry expert.