Ramya Rajagopal, Founder & CEO - Geese Learning Company has been recognized as Under 40 Promising Entrepreneur by Business Mint

Geese Learning Company is  a Biomimicry - based experiential learning company, passion driven by purpose drives all our learning intervention.

Ramya Rajagopal 
Geese Learning Company is  a Biomimicry - based experiential learning company, passion driven by purpose drives all our learning intervention. 

Today, the focus of all the organisation has turned towards the well being of their workforce be it on Mental health space or on the Learning and Development space, we are seen as their strategic development partners rather than their vendors providing an experiential learning service. 

Our moonshot mission is : "To enhance Human Lives" 

There are 4 pillars for GEESE Learning Company. 

We strongly believe, our intervention in the below spaces touches and transforms an individual from a deeper self leaving them with life lessons that lives with them for their lifetime. 

Be it our, Outbound Training focusing on the experiential learning 

Or our flagship program for today's Women in the organisation  The Era of leadHership Or our power packed module for the fast paced organization Just 3 hours or the mindfulness space which focuses on the mental health 

Wise Pause. 

Once Told by Benjamin Franklin "Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”

All our learning interventions are highly intensive wherein our learners go through a wide range of activities which is a compilation of physical, emotional and soul searching process. 

All it takes is a one time experience and it is the momentum that is followed by that transforms them to unleash their potential.

Our learning intervention are now available in hybrid model. 

We have around 40 clients in India and in overseas and the best part is that, we facilitate program even in the regional languages if need be..

Post our learning programs, we have seen our learners taking inspiration from our activities and deep dive to work on their self, design their ideas, going into solitude to work on the pending innovative strategies, Measure their goals against their now reality and keep achievable benchmarks, and our learners alumini is strong  providing support to eachother making an impact for themselves, for others and for the world around them. 

All our programs are customized and facilitated to precision leaving our clients delighted not only we talk about customer delightfullness, but we also happily put ourselves into litmus test yearly by conducting NPS and the exemplary scores we get concretes our faith on what we believe, Putting Customers First