Raunak Singh's NGO sikhaid was awarded the most admired ngo of the year 2022.

Raunak Singh's organization "Sikh Aid" has grown into a countrywide organization that serves all people in need in various Indian cities. 
Raunak Singh

Raunak Singh's organization "Sikh Aid" has grown into a countrywide organization that serves all people in need in various Indian cities. Sikh Aid is a non-profit organization located in India that assists persons who are in need. Not only that, but Sikh aid is well-known for delivering humanitarian assistance to individuals trapped in war zones or other unfortunate disasters such as floods, starvation, and earthquakes. Raunak Singh created the group.

His organization, Sikh Aid, was created on the values of "Naam Japo, Kirat Karo, Vandh Chakko," which inspire Sikhs all around the world. The "Naam Japo" concept means to concentrate on God's name, "Kirat Karo" means to earn a committed, pure, and honest life, and "Vandh Chakko" means to share and consume what you have. Recognizing our common humanity and reaching out to people in need, regardless of race, religion, or boundaries The charitable group is not confined to Sikhism, but serves all of humanity at free cost, regardless of caste, race, color, or religion. The Sikh assistance office in India is in Cuttack, Odisha.

Sikhaid was founded in 2020, although they've been helping people since 2016.

When the extraordinarily powerful cyclonic storm 'Fani' reached Odisha in September 2019, it destroyed 20,367 villages across approximately 14 coastal districts. In addition, almost 1.6 crore people were impacted, and nearly 1.88 lakh hectares of agricultural land were devastated. In such dire conditions, Sikh help was fast to provide its humanitarian assistance to storm victims. The volunteers worked nonstop to serve the meals to the residents of Puri. Every day, they provided drinking water and food to roughly 5,000 Puri people. Because water scarcity was the most pressing issue, Sikh charity workers purchased around 50,000 liters of drinking water from Kolkata to distribute to the locals.

Raunak Singh has been actively assisting both rural and urban home quarantine Covid patients in Cuttack and the surrounding districts of Odisha. From supplying free meals to home quarantine Covid patients to underprivileged children, he has been making strenuous efforts to combat Covid and child malnutrition to alleviate the severity of the issue. Every day, the pandemic has brought its own set of issues. Access to food is one such issue that most homes confined patients encounter. Despite having social neighbors and family, the majority of them refuse to assist confined Covid patients. Raunak and his NGO, Sikh Aid, have taken a step forward to assist them in meeting their daily food and nutritional requirements since this issue is becoming more prevalent in his hometown of Cuttack.

People in Odisha and Maharashtra benefit from the social organization's hygienic supplies, which include toiletries and free sanitary pads. They have also erected portable toilets for men and women in portions of Pune's slum region. They have been offering medical and educational assistance to individuals around the country. 

Raunak Singh and his NGO Sikh Aid have garnered great recognition and admiration from people all over the country for the work they have done and the dedication they have shown to make a good impact in the lives of others.