Recro Kardo has been recognized as the Most Prominent Architectural & Interior Design Company of the Year - 2022 by Business Mint

Recro Kardo is an Architecture and Interior Design consulting Studio based out of Delhi with projects across the country. 
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Recro Kardo is an Architecture and Interior Design consulting Studio based out of Delhi with projects across the country. It is headed by its Principal Architect & Founder, Rajat Kumar, an alumni of Sushant School of Art & Architecture. Over the past 18 years since its formation, the studio has helped business owners, home owners, education institutions and cultural centres to create architectural and interior environments which have enhanced the living qualities of users while making exceptional profits to their investments by innovative use of planning.

Having completed projects in Residential space – Villas, Farm houses, and private residences on plots – in Schools and colleges, Hotels and Guest houses, Salons, Gymnasiums & Boutiques, Factories, Cultural centres, Office spaces and buildings, the studio is further foraying into design space of Group Housing and Corporate Buildings.

One of the areas of support extended to clients, has been, working with odd shaped sites and carving out designs from them which are efficient, comfortable, inspiring and even Vastu friendly. Clients have saved on their economical purchases of such ‘undesirable’ land parcels but made good money by getting good designs which are at par with any other developments on regular shaped lands and sell at prevalent market values, thus increasing returns on investments.

Beyond many such pragmatic and useful inputs is where lies the core of what the studio stands for. Recro Kardo is on a constant journey of exploration, innovation and expression that comes forth through collaborations with clients and the teams.

What it seeks through design/s is a response to the expression: “Then what..?” as asked by the prominent architect, Frank Gehry – on what lies beyond this problem-solving & profit-making alignments? The design process tries to identify, explore and express the Personality of the project. Architecture is seen as a living object full of meaning, inspiration and motivation.
The personality/character/intent of the project is derived from a balance of a triad relationship of Site-Client-Architect. Sometimes the clues come from the Site context, sometimes the Client’s brief is the most inspiring, while at other times it is pure intuition of the Architect which Rajat likes to call the architect’s “geometric state”. One rises from the triad as a focus while the other two collaborate.
The studio likes to believe that as soon as there arises a thought to create, it gets created instantaneously in the realm of imagination. Or perhaps, all ‘created’ pre-exists in the world of imagination.
The design itself, perhaps, is a process to achieve / reach that is already created. In this manner, they are re-creating through a ever-existing axis of relationship between ‘now’ and ‘forever’, between ‘intent’ and ‘content’, between the ‘imagined’ and the ‘Unseen’.
As a leading Architecture and Interior design studio, it hopes to recreate and revive this axis through Design.
It is continuously working towards “Reviving the Axis”, which in Latin translates to ‘Recro Kardo.