Rohan Rawat, International Market Growth Strategist has been recognized as Under 40 Industry Experts by Business Mint

From an early age Mr. Rohan Rawat found his sincerity and commitment towards his work driving him and his career.

From an early age Mr. Rohan Rawat found his sincerity and commitment towards his work driving him and his career. He is constantly on the lookout of inspiration to help him push his boundaries.  He has been a working professional for over 15 years with an MBA, a postgraduate degree from NIFT, and an executive degree from ISB (Indian School of Business). He is also recognised as Georgian College, Canada’s South Asia Educational Partner. He has been passionate about promoting quality education and exposing students to the wide spectrum of opportunities available for them in today’s world. Serving as the representative for one of the most prestigious colleges of Canada, he has been able to successfully help students understand their potential over the last few years in the South Asian region. 

Amongst his interests, he has also been fascinated by the fashion industry. Cultivating this interest, he also serves as the Trade Commission for Fashion with Indian Economic Trade Organisation (IETO). His love for fashion has led him to establish a significant presence for himself as a style icon in the Bangalore Fashion Fraternity. 

Apart from the business side of things, Mr. Rawat also lives to work for humanity and give back to the community as much as possible. As a person, he truly believes that every small step counts and every step that he takes is guided towards the fulfillment of his vision to make the world a better place for everyone. In his quest to do so he has also worked as a cultural advisor for the Consulate of Suriname and also as a motivational speaker urging children to take steps towards their goals everyday. Apart from this he also tries to do his bit by regularly facilitating various seminars held by international education institutions and assisting numerous students to cultivate and contribute their talents all across the globe in prestigious universities.

In another attempt to safeguard the future generations and our mother earth,  he has also actively volunteered for Ignite India working with kids from slum areas and teaching them about renewable energy and the benefits of it. Another area that he is extremely passionate about is being a voice for the voiceless animals and has successfully rescued animals in need as a part of the various rescue missions initiated by his NGO-  "Karma for Tuffy". Amongst his list of goals, one day he would also like to open a hospital that works round the clock to rescue animals all over the country. 

A time that shook us all to the core was the recent global pandemic that had hit the world. As a person who always has the zeal to do more,  Mr. Rohan took it upon himself to help as many people as he could by distributing oxygen cylinders to people and arranging immediate medical care for COVID-19 patients.

To sum it up, Mr. Rohan tries to strike a balance between being pragmatic and a dreamer and to use the resources available at his disposal as well as possible.