Sravya Katta, Advocate has been recognized as Under 30 Emerging Industry Experts by Business Mint

What I am today goes back to my interest in childhood. Unknowingly, I was inclined towards service.


What I am today goes back to my interest in childhood. Unknowingly, I was inclined towards service. Carried a vision with me that my work should directly bring change in the society. This ideology inclined me towards legal subject. As I wanted to be a litigator, I have participated and Appreciated in legal competitions, debates and have been an orator in lot of events since college and still continue to do so. Having presented papers in different colleges and organisations across the states, helped me to win Best paper Presentation in International conferences.  

In addition, to pursuing B.A. LL.B from Osmania University, I also pursued Company Secretary course from Institute of Company Secretaries of India. Currently in final level of the course. With inclination towards continuous learning, I have pursued Post Graduate Diploma in Alternative Dispute Resolution, Taxation & Insurance subjects.

Over a period of time, I have developed interest in Public Policy. Having got an opportunity in policy drafting, I have worked on implementing policies on Disability Bill. The experience I have obtained has led me to Politics while I was still pursuing law. I have contested for Musheerabad constituency through Indian Youth Congress and have been elected as a President in 2014. In 2 years of service, my team could achieve success by understanding the changes required to be made in the society at ground level and could execute such policies which impacted lot of rural villages and unattended public in urban areas. The suggestions given for drafting new policies and to the Bills drafted by the legislature have been considered and stands as law of the land till date. 


My personal abilities of being compassionate, good listener, patience, effective and hard-working has been a great support to my profession. Vice-versa, professional career has also helped me to achieve balance in personal life. 

A lawyer by profession and education, I believe and currently pursue my passion in making the legal system truly accessible for the masses and beneficial for the needy. Having been empanelled in Legal Service Authority for High Court let me reach out to people in nook and corner of the state who were seeking for free access to legal help. Actively pursue betterment of society through constitutional and legal provisions such as Right to Information and Public Interest Litigation. I also provide guidance to youngsters wishing to start out their career in the legal profession. My work is directly supporting in developing the society as I contribute my part. 

In addition to an active legal profession, I have also ventured into social media to improve legal proficiency of young Indians and for them to rightfully avail their legal rights. But my simplified explanations on legal aspects have not only been appreciated by youth but also by professional from varied sectors. To bring awareness to a larger crowd, I discuss on varied law subjects in various youtube channels which are privately oriented and also subsidiary of major news channels operating India wide. I participate in live debates and one-to-one conversations on current affairs with news channels like Etv, Sakshi, ABN, Ntv, TV9 etc. My youtube channel and Instagram handle  with name and style of ‘Legal Channel by Sravya Katta’ has recently hit 1000 subscribers, which was started few months back. I also actively serve members of the vysya community beyond providing legal services. I am an active member in AVOPA, Hyderabad Management Association (HMA). 

With 8 years of experience, I have started my practice in Original Jurisdiction in trial Courts and has extended my services in Appellate Jurisdiction in High Court. Though litigation pertaining to civil disputes is my arena, I have wide experience in company law and taxation and I have educated myself in these skilled subjects. Since two years, I am well versed with criminal matters which are allocated by High Court empanelment. With extensive practice, I could achieve mastering in various arrayed laws, which resulted in marking the cases I argued on as Reported judgments in legal reputed journals. 

As service oriented person, to serve betterment of Bar association in Telangana High Court, I have contested for Executive Member for Ladies in elections for 2021-2022 and have won extensively with support of 75% of voters leading to 2009 votes. I have been appreciated by senior Advocates for the contribution of my work towards the Association for my innovative ideas and service. 

Recognising my work in Legal profession, I have been bestowed with several awards from time to time.

Some of my recent awards are Awarded ‘Women Achiever’ of the year 2021-2022

Certificate of Appreciation under category ‘Excellence as Legal Practitioner 2022’

Featured in Asia’s Top 100 Influential Women Awards 2022 as ‘Asia’s Top Legal Practitioner 2022’ 

Felicitated by AVOPA in Dharmavaram and Ananthapur

Felicitated by Chairman for Tourism Corporation at Vasavi Club

Presented ‘Women Excellency’ Award by Megacity Navakala Vedika.

Awarded Professional of the Year – Lawyer 2022 by Vysya Limelight Awards for Women -2022

Nominated for National Wide awards by Business Mint for ‘30 under 30’ for 2023.