Studio Skapeart has been recognized as the Best Emerging Architecture & Interior Design Firm 2022 by Business Mint

Studio Skapeart is a multidisciplinary & turnkey design practice, started in March 2019 and has completed over 25 projects in and around Chennai & Bangalore.
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Studio Skapeart is a multidisciplinary & turnkey design practice, started in March 2019 and has completed over 25 projects in and around Chennai & Bangalore.The studio is engaged in both Architectural as well as Interior Design Projects.               

We are a small design firm where we do every project with an extremely passionate eye and believe in the simplicity of design to create beautiful complex spaces which appeal to its social and physical context.

We just don't buy things off the shelf. We ideate, design and create every design to be 100% unique for each client to suit their space.That is why we pride ourselves on taking on a select number of projects with a high quality of attention to detail. Much of our business comes from repeat clients and direct referrals. Once people hire us, they seem to want to do it again!


Founder and Creative Head of Studio Skaperat, Sinduja graduated from SRM University, Chennai. No matter what the style she is asked to create by her clients, each space designed by Sinduja feels cozy, unique with a lot of character.

Before starting her own firm she was working in Bangalore as an Interior Architect. Like most artsy people, she didn't always know what she wanted to do with her life, but she did know that whatever it was, it had to keep her intrigued, challenged and busy. Sinduja knew she had struck the balance she sought between numbers and colors, and of leveraging her creative skills to help clients achieve their vision.

However, Sinduja knew that in order to realize the creative vision, she had to start her own company. Sinduja connected with Kiranraj, with whom she had become close friends during her time at Bangalore. Their skill set complemented each other well, as they were like-minded in their design sense and work ethic. So with Sinduja looking to start her own studio and Kiranraj Looking to explore new opportunities on his own, they started Studio Skapeart in 2019.


After Kiranraj graduated in 2013 from Kerala, he moved to Bangalore. Here, he gained a strong foundation in the practical facets of the architecture & interior design field. He quickly learnt to apply theory to practice and developed a keen eye for details while working on high end residential and other boutique projects.

His exposure ranged from various global and local trends to fine tuning what he had already learned about the importance of the basic principles of design.It was then he met Sinduja. They worked on the same team for almost eighteen months and found their working style complementary. Over the five years of working, Kiranraj headed diverse projects - taking them from concept to execution. This invaluable experience gave him the inspiration, drive and confidence to eventually set off his own.

At the same time, Sinduja was also getting started with her own design studio. Sinduja and Kiranraj recognized that their design sensibilities were still alike and decided to start a practice together and that was the birth of Studio SKapeart