Syed Hamza Ali, Founder & CEO - INKSCOOL Tattoo Training Institute Pune has been recognized as Under 40 Promising Entrepreneur by Business Mint

Inkscool Tattoo Training Institute Pune was established by its CEO & Chairman Mr. Syed Hamza Ali and it has been more than 10 years since it’s establishment.

Inkscool Tattoo Training Institute Pune was established by its CEO & Chairman Mr. Syed Hamza Ali and it has been more than 10 years since it’s establishment. Mr. Syed Hamza Ali is a prominent figure in the tattoo industry and has been a part of it since 14 years. He is worked in numerous schools as art teacher and is the Founder of Lateral School of Creative Thinking, aimed solely towards the development of creative and out of box thinking abilities in children. With years of teaching and training experience, INKSCOOL was established with the primary motive of providing world class education to all the aspiring tattoo artists of India. 

At Inkscool Tattoo Training Institute, there is continuous research and development in-order to ensure the quality and effectiveness of training for every student joining the tattoo industry. With state of the art infrastructure, advance machineries, experienced trainers, dedicated workstations and individual attention there is continuous improvement and development in every student.

At the training centre, the trainers assess the artistic ability and skill sets of each and every student and the work is assigned to every individual accordingly. Good education and training is never possible without having vast experience of the industry. Through proper modules and curriculum, practical demonstrations and on job training sessions, along with lifetime support and guidance to all its students, INKSCOOL turns their student’s dream of becoming a successful tattoo artist into reality. This is exactly what sets INKSCOOL Tattoo Training Institute apart from the rest in the tattoo industry. 

The vision and mission of INKSCOOL is to represent the Indian tattoo industry on a world class level and to educate all artists aspiring to enter the tattooing industry with complete and thorough knowledge.

The dream is the represent and make our country India known and recognised for best Tattoo Education on a global platform.

INKSCOOL aims to provide continuous guidance and support to every member of the industry, to educate and to empower all artists to reach new heights and achieve their goals, and to continue with their ongoing research and development work in the educational sector of the tattooing industry. 

INKSCOOL Tattoo Training Institute has been awarded Best Vocational and Skill Development Institute of 2022, and they would like to encourage all artistic people to pursue tattooing as a full time career option, part time work or contractual employment opportunities. With a huge demand for artists and continuous expansion of studios all across the world, the opportunities are endless and now is the right time to become a part of this field. 

Let INKSCOOL be the stepping stone into the tattoo industry and guide you into pursuing your passion and making your dream of becoming a professional tattoo artist come true.