The Lifestyle Architects has been recognized as the Best Emerging Architecture & Lifestyle Firm - 2022 by Business Mint

The Lifestyle Architects is a Lifestyle design firm established by two young architects, Sagar Dhongady and Renu Yadav in Bangalore.
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The Lifestyle Architects is a Lifestyle design firm established by two young architects, Sagar Dhongady and Renu Yadav in Bangalore.
The Lifestyle Architects focus on Status, Style and Signature. Status represents your home, Style represents your dressing and Signature represents your personal brand and image in the society. These three aspects narrates a story of who you are, where you belong and what you do. Hence, this story creates an image of you in the society.
Sagar Dhongady is an Architect, Fashion Designer and an Image Consultant and Branding expert. He comes from the background of working on 3 star boutique hotels for Ozone, Ibis etc and also has worked on the Amaravathi CM House. He is an expert in making any house or a building a brand or a landmark.
 Renu Yadav is a Landscape Architect and an IGBC Certified consultant from JJ College of Architecture, Mumbai.  She has an experience in working with builders like Prestige, ShriRam Properties, Purvankara etc in her previous company. Her expertise lies in making every corner green and breathable
Their design is built around the concept of building relationships between the buildings, nature and the people in it. Every space is carefully designed keeping in mind the utility of the space. They specialise in using the concept of colour marketing in their designs. The concept of colour marketing is highly influential to the subconscious mind. For Example, Red and white is the perfect colour for a restaurant serving meat, Orange is the colour for trust or memory, Yellow is for excitement etc. Using the right colours in the right spaces triggers one’s emotions and help them to use the space to the best extent.
The company takes up any project related to designing, be it as small as a logo design or as big as a plotted development design. Their elite clients include Sammy’s Dreamland who is a well-known Plotted developer in Bangalore, Capstone CBSE School, Gurukula Public School, Go Naati Restaurant chain etc. Every project shapes up to be unique in itself but thee common factor is all these projects have become landmark projects, making their brand value higher.
The 2 Acre, Gurukula CBSE Public School project in Kadur has been designed very carefully by The Lifestyle Architects Keeping in mind the user experience and the Branding. They helped the client increase their walk-ins up to 30% and increased the admissions up to 20% for the year of 2022. Designing of the Logo, Architecture, Interior Design, Branding, Landscape Designing, Uniform design, Website design and handling of social media everything has been taken care under a single roof of The Lifestyle Architects.
They always prioritize Landscape in every project. They bring in nature inside your concrete building and build a healthy liveable environment helping every space tell its own story.