This DLF home stands out with its subtle luxury

Apartments are often cookie-cutter layouts with little to no differences between units. But that doesn’t mean you can’t design your apartment to be unique. 
Deco arte

Apartments are often cookie-cutter layouts with little to no differences between units. But that doesn’t mean you can’t design your apartment to be unique. This apartment of brothers – Bhavit & Gautam Chhabra at Gurgaon is designed with an open-plan interior to give them more space as well as the opportunity to create a cohesive design. We have done color blocking to design the apartment and created distinct functional areas. Adding a touch of personalization is easier than you might think. Floral accents – from artwork to centerpieces – gave a warm and welcoming addition. We have made a big glazed wall to add a natural source of light and have added high drapes to make the space look bigger than it actually is.
We have taken soothing tones on the walls with subtle moldings for this apartment to look classy and all the furniture is modern with a touch of rose gold. Our design incorporates all sorts of unique finishes and materials to bring a unique and modern look to the home. For team Deco-Arte lighting influences every aspect of modern apartment design, from wall color to decor. The paint color on the walls, for instance, will appear differently in a home with softer light and one with cooler artificial light. Decor, like mirrored and metallic items, not only enhances the look of a room but also doubles the light.
Our design process is simple yet elaborate. It is to define – Ideate- Conceptualise – Implement- Cherish. Design is anything that makes anything useful, and our team focuses on making every space your dream space.``
Everything in our project is hand-picked and handcrafted, from furniture pieces to color palette, material, and accessories. This apartment is well planned and organized, giving this apartment a tasteful and unique style. Our idea of bringing in nature is emphasized in many different ways. From larger windows with views outside and using colors that reflect the natural world. In the time that we spend designing the space, we spend enough time thinking about the people who inhabit it.
At Deco-Arte, we have a fully integrated team of architects, interior designers, technicians, and specialists who work to create solutions based on our client’s budget, scope, schedule, and operating practices. Deco-Arte takes pride in saying that there is an eye for details while designing a project, from a facade design to the smallest of furniture.
Many reputed organizations have honored the work of Deco-Arte by Mr. Amardeep Gulri by bestowing him with awards like, “The 2021 Global Choice Awards”, “Lux Life-Delhi’s most outstanding multidisciplinary design studio”, “ELDROK India Architecture Awards”, “Most Prominent Interior Design Firm, Delhi NCR” etc.
From the table of Mr. Amardeep Gulri,
“The function of design is to let design function flawlessly”
Design is art, design is perspective, design is subjective. When it comes to Deco-Arte’s work for me the biggest factor is a sense of understanding. Understanding and adapting to the vision of the people who inhabit the space and turning it into something exceptional. 

The upcoming projects at Deco-Arte are a thrill ride and will surely catch eyes everywhere.