True Homes ™has been recognized as the Most Prominent Furniture Brand of the Year - 2022, Hyderabad

True Homes ™ is a leading furniture manufacturer in Hyderabad, It was started in 2016, founded by Mr. Saayee Kishore, a Triple Post Graduate Degree Holder
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True Homes ™ is a leading furniture manufacturer in Hyderabad. It was started in 2016, founded by Mr. Saayee Kishore, a Triple Post Graduate Degree Holder.  True Homes ™ delivered furniture all corners of Hyderabad, Telangana.

Our main motto is to reduce the unnecessary expenses on the product like showroom expenses, electricity bills, salesman commission, freight, middleman margins, etc. It will probably increase the product cost more than the actual factory cost.  Ultimately we should collect all these expenses from the client only. which we feel is unfair. That is why. We introduced a concept. And comes up with the slogan." Buy Furniture directly from the manufacturers and save Ur Hard-earned Money. " People loved this concept and blessed us with a lot of business during these years.

By reducing the unnecessary expenses on the product. We are succeeding in improving the quality of the product. Today we are maintaining top-notch Quality in all our products. At very Low Prices. This is possible only when you save unnecessary expenses from the actual product. That's our secret to success. Today if any client requires anything in furniture..we are giving them at direct Factory Prices. Whatever product the customer buys from's a real worth. They will get maximum satisfaction from their spending.

We also have a highly experienced workers in our factory. We ensure our client get a quality product with awesome output. We are giving complete freedom to our clients to select any color/fabric / model as per his choice. We are also providing free design consultation for them. We are visiting their homes and designing the best furniture according to their Interiors. And Providing them 5 years warranty against manufacturing defects.

We are also into theme based conceptual interior designing. We have successfully completed many housing and restaurant projects in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. Anybody can save lot of money by catching the direct contact of manufacturers. It's that simple.

So I appeal everybody that don't get trapped by looking at Big showrooms and fancy lights, attractive advertisements. The fact is that all those expenses are collecting from you.  So wake up and buy from direct manufacturers.