Ahmedabad Roadlines Pvt Ltd Has been Recognized As Most Reliable and Efficient Logistics Company - 2023, Haryana by Business Mint

We, AHMEDABAD ROADLINES PVT LTD one of India's fastest-growing Integrated Logistics Companies, progressed from being a "One Man, One Truck", set up by Sh. Narain Dass Baweja in 1993 now being the Chairman and Managing Director of the company.We have a fleet of more than 1260 close-body trucks & trailers.
Ahmedabad Roadlines Pvt Ltd Has been Recognized As Most Reliable and Efficient Logistics Company - 2023, Haryana by Business Mint

AHMEDABAD ROADLINES PVT LTD, an esteemed Integrated Logistics Company in India, has undergone a remarkable journey from its origins as a "One Man, One Truck" operation initiated by Sh. Narain Dass Baweja in 1993. Sh. Narain Dass Baweja, who currently holds the position of Chairman and Managing Director, played a pivotal role in its transformation. With an extensive fleet of over 1260 close-body trucks and trailers, the company's leadership, including Narain Dass Baweja, Rohit Baweja, Litesh Baweja, and Nitish Baweja, collectively harnesses their expertise and passion to provide invaluable insights into the realm of efficient and dependable supply chain management.

Drawing from a wealth of experience, the directors are driven by a shared commitment to upholding excellence across all facets of the business. ARL's ethos revolves around elevating efficiency and exploring novel avenues for dependable transportation. Their innovative outlook and unrelenting focus on continual enhancement have led to diversification into various segments within the logistics industry. This strategic diversification not only stabilizes operations year-round but also fuels their aspiration to tap into new prospects within different spheres of logistics.

Recent initiatives launched by ARL include pioneering the incorporation of "CNG Trucks in the Automotive Segment" to cater to transportation needs in Delhi NCR. Boasting an industry-leading fleet of 29 CNG trucks and trailers, ARL envisions expanding this count to 50 by the end of the fiscal year 2023-24. Moreover, ARL has innovatively reengineered existing truck and trailer designs to augment load capacity – an enhancement that accommodates 10 additional bikes in a truck and a car in a trailer. This innovation has boosted load capacity by 12.5%, alongside reduced transit times facilitated by the deployment of double drivers for national lane operations.

A distinctive offering from ARL is the "11 Days Promise," wherein the company can manufacture any type of Truck Body within an impressive 11 days, rendering the truck ready for loading on the 12th day. Further showcasing ARL's commitment to quality and service, the establishment of the Driver Management Centre (DMC) aims to ensure incident-free, punctual deliveries by fostering alignment and communication among vendors, contractors, drivers, and other stakeholders within the supply chain.

Venturing into new territory, ARL has initiated the "37 Links Driver Welfare Society," an NGO-registered sister concern, dedicated to enhancing logistics facilities on a national scale. Envisioning facilities across 37 major locations, this initiative focuses on uplifting transportation and infrastructure in India. The facilities will cater to the needs of en-route truck drivers, providing them with essential amenities relating to health, safety, and basic hygiene, thus enhancing their welfare.

In response to changing competitive dynamics shaped by technology and communication, ARL adeptly employs these shifts to deliver heightened value to its clientele. With a keen ability to anticipate market demands, the company is dedicated to fostering enduring associations, achieving success, and nurturing growth in the long run