Divya Priyanka Neluballi, Fashion designer & Founder - PRILYN has been recognized as Best Emerging Fashion Designer of the Year - 2023, Hyderabad by Business Mint

We are manufacturer, designer, supplier of customized ,branded of outfits ,bags,Jewellery and many more.

PRILYN -princess of your own fairy tale 

We are a a manufacturer, designer, supplier of customized  ,brand of ou tfits ,bags,Jewellery and many more.PRILYN focus on trend and tradition. 

We are happy to announce that we have hundreds of resellers who choose their business in social media's and networks all over .we now Launching an APP , website Which can serve you better in an easy way of shopping.we produce -eco-friendly, handloom ,fine art technology.

Our motto is to empower women in the manufacturing industries.

Our goal is to reach lakhs of people to come associating in establishing , producing Indian fashion products and spreading globally.

Our Aim is to PRILYN-connection with fashion globally 

PRILYN identifies vendors, and manufacturers who produce traditional and authentic handlooms all over ..