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When Dr. Mallika Mishra, a New Delhi-based scientist, started her career more than two decades ago, it was not common to see a lot of Indian women in the higher echelons of scientific research, or research-oriented jobs.
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When Dr. Mallika Mishra, a New Delhi-based scientist, started her career more than two decades ago, it was not common to see a lot of Indian women in the higher echelons of scientific research, or research-oriented jobs.

The seeds of Dr. Mallika Mishra's success were sown during her formative years. Encouraged by her parents, Dr. Mallika Mishra started believing in academic excellence right from her school days. For her, good grades were always a priority. And the trend of academic excellence continued until she completed her hard-earned Ph.D. chemistry.

  Other than being studious and believing in a stellar academic record, Dr. Mallika Mishra also honed her skills in areas such as debating and elocution.    As a student, Dr. Mallika Mishra bagged many awards at the state and national levels. Not to be left behind in extra-academic activities, Dr. Mallika Mishra also dabbled in theatre and radio.  Her academic excellence and well-rounded grooming started paying off when she began her career with one of the big Indian multinationals.  Dr. Mallika Mishra was an early starter. She joined Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd in her early 20s. Almost immediately, she carved out a niche for herself due to her diligence, strong work ethic, and professionalism.

Dr. Mallika Mishra was later hired by Dabur to play an important role in its oncology division. Her next destination was Fresenius Kabi. Again, she paid a pivotal role in the German pharmaceutical major.  Cashing in on Dr. Mallika Mishra's abilities to lead different teams seamlessly, she was hired by Vyome Biosciences - a start-up founded by a group of top-notch academicians from Harvard University, Cambridge University, the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, and the Indian Institute of Science, or IIC Bangalore.

 After a successful stint at Vyome Biosciences, Dr. Mallika Mishra joined Reckitt Benckiser Group plc, a British multinational consumer goods company.   Having been involved in the research and manufacturing processes of a host of scientific products, from medicines to consumer goods, Dr. Mallika Mishra realized that there were many cogs in this week - from those who develop and formulate drugs, or consumer goods, to those who provide raw materials and test these drugs and consumer goods. Clearly, this amounted to people working in silos.

 And as we know working in silos has its drawbacks. For example, researchers not having a say on the grade and quality of a particular ingredient or raw material being supplied to them.

 At this stage, an idea dawned on her.

How about getting involved at every single stage so that one could have a complete grasp (read quality control) over the entire manufacturing process? But this would not have been possible at big companies with their rigid, established processes and structures.

   "I was finicky about every ingredient, every morsel of raw material that goes into a product. I was also fixated on the testing and approval processes of products. Other than adhering to exacting standards, I was keen to get involved and oversee the entire gamut of any production process myself. But I knew that was not possible in any old, established company" said Dr. Mallika Mishra.

 The only solution was to create an organization that will allow her to keep a tab on the whole gamut of production. That's when Dr. Mallika Mishra decided to put her drive, passion, and much valuable work experience to good use.

 She founded a company -- Luxova. Luxova is soon going to launch a whole range of face, body, and skin care products.  The hallmark of Luxova lies in Dr. Mallika Mishra's insights, expertise, and experience.

At Luxova, Dr. Mallika Mishra is instrumental in deploying cutting-edge scientific processes to make a clutch of completely safe yet effective products - the products made with complete quality control at every single stage, right from the selection of raw materials to packaging.  Luxova is the first Indian face, body, and skincare brand founded by a woman scientist and backed by a woman dermatologist.