EXCLUSIVE LEAK: TailBlaze Pet-Grooming Products Official Photos and Features Unveiled

New photos from a Reddit user PawsomeNews have fully revealed TailBlaze’s upcoming pet products for the first time before the official launch.


The leaker has delivered the first real-world look of two of the upcoming 100 products from the fastest-growing pet brand from India. The images confirm that the products will be launched under 2 brands – TailBlaze Groom Vroom and TailBlaze Pawssentials.

As per the sources, TailBlaze has already done a pre-launch of these products amidst its close circle of Dog-Models in Bangalore on 26th March’23, in a one-of-a-kind event. However, it remains to be proven whether the leaker is one of the closed-community members or not. We also haven’t got any official statement from the CEO of the company, Mr. Manaal Maniyar, on the news.

While the entire country and the World is going gaga over the new Apple Stores launch in Mumbai & Delhi and the upcoming iPhone 15 launch speculations, respectively, the closed knit pet-community is awaiting these big launches from their favourite brand TailBlaze. As per the information received, the pet-grooming products from TailBlaze will be made from patented actives, and most of these products will be industry-first as well. They will be sold in the markets of India, the Middle East, Europe, the USA, Canada and Thailand.

“We are expecting products such as dog shampoo, dog-conditioner, dog perfumes, anti-tick & flea spray, waterless shampoo, paw-butter, dog gift-kits and some industry-first products to launch in May’23”, one of the brand loyalists said in her statement.

TailBlaze has been in the news since Jul’22, when it began its operations in India under the leadership of Einstein Entreprador (the Labrador-Founder of the brand) and Mr. Manaal Maniyar. The brand has already won more than 6 National and International Accolades for its range of organic dog food and jerky dog treats. The products are often rated as the best dog food and dog treats available online on Amazon and offline in the Indian market. Mr. Manaal was recently featured under the BM 30Under30 Rising & Inspiring Entrepreneurs of India. The company had also raised INR 1 crore at the valuation of INR 150 million last year in Dec’22 from angel investors across India, the Middle East and the USA. 

The grooming range of products has been co-developed by TailBlaze’s new co-founder ‘Madamé Curie (a Shihtzu)’ and TailBlaze’s dog models from Bengaluru, who will also feature on these products. The company, which manufactures these products in its factories across Bangalore, Surat, Kanpur and Pune, is also set to make its television debut on a mass-followed reality show for Startups in India, as per the sources.

The leaks reveal that the products will really take on the pet industry by storm. The company has also started teasing the launch with a Game of Thrones-inspired contest on one of its Instagram channels TailBlaze_Pawssentials. We are closely following all the social media handles of @TailBlazeFoods, @TailBlaze_GroomVroom and @TailBlaze_Pawssentials to bring the readers with daily fresh-updates. Let’s all hope that the pet industry gets the much-needed innovation with the entry of TailBlaze.