Jyoti Dora, Founder, Readers Adda has been recognized as Most Inspiring Women of the Year - 2023, Gujarat for Promoting Book Reading by Business Mint

This is a myth that most people have and their psychology revolves around this.  With children of today’s era being least interested in reading and mostly interested in modern electronic gadgets, it is a tough task to inculcate the habit of reading in them.

Reading = Studying

This is a myth that most people have and their psychology revolves around this.  With children of today’s era being least interested in reading and mostly interested in modern electronic gadgets, it is a tough task to inculcate the habit of reading in them. That vintage smell and tender texture of the pages of a book literally can leave an impression that lasts for a lifetime. This feeling needs to be imprinted in the lives of children from an early age. As they’ll develop this incredible habit of reading, it will improve their vocabulary and grammar. It helps them comprehend anything they’re reading in a totally unique manner.

Ms. Jyoti Dora, the founder of Readers Adda, is a Certified Storyteller, Certified NLP Practitioner from NFNLP-USA, Certified Transformation Coach, and has a degree in MHRD. Her experience ranges across corporate companies like Idea, PepsiCo, British Broadband, and ABN AMRO BANK with diverse and enriched expertise in Customer Empathy and Delight, Sales, and Marketing. She has also been an Educator of Language and Literature with Galaxy International school, a school with a Globally acknowledged methodology of knowledge dissemination and the most innovative approach toward the holistic development of children.

Jyoti was amongst the select few Educators who chose to continually build and better this wonderful approach towards student enlightenment and she researched amongst various other aspects, the perception of books in the young and impressionable minds of children. She also built up a methodology to enable a positive change of perception towards all types of books, academic as well as non-academic, amongst young minds!

Jyoti being a diligent professional, realized that she needed to perfect her research findings and she enabled Charvi, her young daughter of 5 then, by the methodology of regularly reading out to her from a wide, carefully chosen collection of books! Charvi transformed into an avid and voracious reader in no time! 

This intervention ratified Jyoti’s research findings that Reading Habit had not only helped Charvi gain excellent language skills, but it also had enabled her to develop superior communication skills and built up her confidence as well as improved her concentration and focus thereby directly improving her academic grades! Another noteworthy development was that the Reading Habit minimized Charvi’s urge to be in front of the TV or any other gadget!

In 2017, when they shifted to Surat, Jyoti decided to contribute to society by shaping young minds, helping them get rid of their passive and time-wasting addiction to gadgets, and enabling a positive habit of Reading, which shall enrich the children and impact their future in an irreversibly affirmative manner!

As people around started appreciating her daughter to the point of envy, for being in the constant company of books, she saw the need in this segment and prepared a comprehensive Reading Program for children aged 4-14 years.

Jyoti had to constantly augment Charvi’s library at home and soon enough Charvi had read more than 3000 books by the age of 10 she went ahead and created a World Record of being the youngest to read the maximum number of books. Having a 360° view, she believes in wholesome learning, hence her Reading Program includes Phonics, Word Meanings, Intonations, Grammar, Discussions, and Perspective sharing. Reading not only heightens concentration, focus, and creativity but also makes children more confident, empathetic, and better Listeners, Readers, Orators as well as Writers. All of this just by altering the notion from Books = Studies = Effort = Avoidance To Books = Fun = Enrichment!

Centers of Readers Adda are conducive to learning with fun where kids love to come. Dependent kids are read to and also encouraged to read from a carefully selected set of books adapted to the kid’s aptitude! Independent Readers are guided with the choice of books and are continually mentored to help them take the leap. into forming an irreversible and GLORIOUS HABIT OF READING!! Jyoti with her experience of more than 23 years in diverse fields is passionately looking forward to reaching out to children in every part of Surat and India to build more enriching programs under the umbrella of Readers Adda, thereby bringing about a change in society.

To spread the Habit further and to reach out to more people Jyoti also started with Doorstep Library Service,  whereby considering the client's age and interest,  a set of curated books are sent across every month so that there's never a lull in the Reading Journey.  Her attempts at bringing the Habit of Reading to life through various seminars online as well as offline,  educating parents and educators alike,  were appreciated and she was felicitated under the Inspiring Humans category by World Talent Organization USA. 

Her mission is to spread joy by helping people discover the magic of Reading,  by spreading Readers Adda centers through a Franchise channel, thereby enabling women entrepreneurs to become financially independent, enjoying a task that is transformational and can lead to Social Change,  so that future citizens can form the amazing habit of Reading and becoming Leaders of Tomorrow!!!!