Kalopsia Has Been Recognized As Top 75 Companies in the Interior Design and Architectural Industry by Business Mint

Kalopsia studio making it to the NATIONWIDE DESIGN & ARCHITECTURE AWARDS- 2023.

Kalopsia studio

This incredible feeling has finally sunk in! 

Kalopsia studio making it to the NATIONWIDE DESIGN & ARCHITECTURE AWARDS- 2023. Now, let’s know about the firm and the faces behind it! “Friendship that turned into Partnership” We are school buddies who visited first college campus after HSC for designing and fortunately ended up in the same college as well. Meet Suhani Patel- Interior designerfor Kalopsia who hasstarted her job in the same field immediately after graduating in Ahmedabad only. Meet Riya Khandwala- Graphic designer of Kalopsia Who also hasstarted job after graduating in the graphic firm while exploring new city( Mumbai ). After having worked with some leading companies and designers, We both wanted to startsomething of our own. So one day, we decided to quit ourjobsforthe new beginning. After a few conversations we both were on board and ready to take the plunge. While working together, we realised that we both share same passion for design and have similar goals, work ethics and values. In 2019, as a result of many brainstorming ideas we planted the firstseed of Kalopsia! Kalopsia means redecorating something that already exists! That’s what we actually do.! We launched KALOPSIA STUDIO In September 2019. An interior design and graphic design firm. We took on everything that came our way. Small, medium and large projects and give it our all. In last 3 years, we have accomplished various projects in various fieldsthat has helped us grow! From the beginning, we have been togetherthroughout the journey. From making mistakesto finding solutions.. From pitfalls of businessto successfully accomplished projects.. From lossto achievements.. From being miserable to celebrating together.. Form reading each other ’s mind to understanding each other ’s emotions.. From learning and growing as a team. We always had each other ’s back..! From two friendsto being business partners and family.! Kalopsia defines us!