Mutual funds: With a monthly SIP, you might amass 100 crore in 30 years.

Mutual funds: According to wealth management specialists, maintaining a 20% yearly SIP step-up is required to reach an investment objective of $100 crore in 30 years.
Mutual funds: With a monthly SIP, you might amass 100 crore in 30 years.

Equity mutual funds are appropriate for high-risk investors who lack the time to manage their stock portfolio, according to the mutual fund calculator. Equity mutual funds, in the opinion of wealth consultants, are unquestionably the solution to an investor's question of "how to become rich." They contend that a long-term investor should choose a mutual fund SIP because it enables them to receive an average of the returns offered by the mutual fund plans throughout the course of their investment. They claimed that any time is a good time to begin a mutual fund SIP and that it may be started at any moment.

Mutual fund advisors said that if a client is disciplined enough, starting a monthly SIP with between $20,000 and $21,000 can enable the investor to amass as much as $100 crore in 30 years. But to do that, they'll need to incorporate a pun into their mutual fund SIP.

Kartik Jhaveri, a wealth manager at Transcend Capital, discussed the adjustments a mutual fund client needs to make with his or her monthly SIP "An investor can benefit from compounding, which is interest on interest, by participating in a long-term mutual fund SIP. However, I would advise an investor to increase their SIP in accordance with an increase in their monthly income. Consequently, your investment will increase in step with your income."

Kartik Jhaveri offered the following advice on how a diligent mutual fund investor can boost their monthly SIP contribution: "SIP step up annually is a possibility. In this joke, an investor increases their monthly SIP contribution by almost 15% annually. By doing this, the person is able to balance their savings and income."

Jitendra Solanki, a tax and investment specialist registered with SEBI, commented on the question of whether or not a 100 crore retirement corpus in 30 years is realistic "If the investor is disciplined enough, he or she can achieve the retirement corpus of 100 crore in 30 years. Typically, an investor increases their monthly SIP contribution by 15% annually. To ensure that one's investment objective of 100 crore is met, one will need to adopt a 20% annual SIP step up in the event of this aggressive target."

When asked about the expected return on a mutual fund SIP over the course of 30 years, Jitendra Solanki responded, "If the investment horizon is 30 years, one can anticipate a return on investment of approximately 15%. However, the return could increase to 16 to 16.50 percent annually if the investor has a greater exposure to mid- and small-cap funds. My recommendation for the mutual fund investor is to maintain a stronger exposure to mid-cap and small-cap funds because the investment horizon is so long."

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According to the mutual fund calculator, an investor needs to start a monthly SIP with between 20,500 and 21,00 per month to reach their investment goal of 100 crore, assuming a 16 percent annual return on their money over the course of a mutual fund SIP for 30 years while maintaining a 20 percent annual SIP step-up.

According to Pankaj Mathpal, MD & CEO at Optima Money Managers, the following mutual fund plans can assist an investor in building up a corpus of $100 billion in 30 years:

The first is the ICICI Prudential Large & Midcap Fund;

Nippon India Flexi Cap Fund and Aditya Birla Sun Life Multi-cap Fund are both options.