NED - New Era Diagnostics has been recognized as Most Promising Diagnostic Medical Services Chain of the Year - 2023, Hyderabad by Business Mint

We provide highly specialized pathology / clinical laboratory services to clinicians and specialists, hospitals, and patients. Our experienced team of Pathologists, Microbiologists, and Geneticists, supported by a team of well-qualified technologists,
Business Awards

Mr. Kasetty Srinivasulu, a standing diva who is shedding light on the toughest challenges in the Diagnostics field, is one of the winners today! Hailing from YSR Cuddapah District, his studies and background have always been in the Medical field. He worked as a Lab Manager in Vikram Hospitals and gained professional experience too. With his abundant knowledge and skilled proficiency, he started his own labs, New Era Diagnostics last year which is currently growing at an exponential rate.

Though it's just been a year they already opened 4 branches and 10 more branches are in the pipeline to come out. Expansion plans are also rapidly progressing as the news about their quality and reasonable prices spreads their commitment to serve this nation. They provide highly specialized pathology/clinical laboratory services to clinicians and specialists, hospitals, and patients. Our experienced team of Pathologists, Microbiologists, Geneticists, supported by a team of well-qualified technologists, ensures that every patient receives the best diagnostic care.

Their services form an essential component of modern healthcare services, backed by comprehensive quality standards accreditation across a wide range of disciplines. With great background knowledge and a decade of experience in the Medical Lab field, Mr. Sreenivasulu has already backed all the accreditations like NAPL from our nation and is now getting CAP, an International recognition too. Establishing trust in the diagnosis market with a small business like this is itself an achievement but he was able to get 4-5 tie ups within the first 3-4 months and boost his employees with confidence too. Reaching a milestone like this in such a highly competitive market is greatly applauded by all his well-wishers. All this was possible because he is highly dedicated in his business and committed to giving back to society. As part of his youth empowerment plans, he trains freshers from scratch, offers them salary from the beginning and converts them to employees in his own business. He understands the struggles of a lab technician and the service they do to our country, especially in times like Covid.

So, he makes sure they never compromise on quality in terms of training or services. All the products and services match the market leaders but when it comes to price, they make it affordable to broader sections of society. They offer 24/7 services including mobile doctors nursing staff and medicines. A patient is never allowed to walk out on his own under their door to door delivery services. His vision within 2 years, is to penetrate to the villages where there are no medical facilities available and offer services to the lower sections of our society. With the support of a strong leadership team which has experience of building diagnostics businesses from scratch he wishes to make this possible. He sincerely thanks Mr. Karthik Palasani, a CEO, an NRI, his mentor, for being the backbone of his success and his family for being his support system at all times