Neha Thakrar, Global Educationist Has Been Recognized As Most Prominent Educational Consultant of the Year - 2023, Mumbai by Business Mint

A passionate educator, career coach, and educational consultant, Neha has had a significant impact on the lives of countless individuals.

Neha's Journey: Empowering Young Minds to Achieve their Dreams.

Meet Neha, an English language proficiency trainer, career counselor, and educational consultant. Neha’s journey to success began with a passion for teaching and a desire to help others achieve their goals.

Neha's story is one that truly inspires. A passionate educator, career coach, and educational consultant, Neha has had a significant impact on the lives of countless individuals. Her journey to success began with a humble opportunity to work at a preschool, where she was inspired by empathetic and benevolent educators. Her experience at the institution had a profound impact on her career path, and despite many achievements, her unwavering passion for education remained steadfast.

Determined to make a difference in the lives of young children and their families, Neha pursued a diploma program in Kindergarten and Montessori education. After completing her education, she taught at a Montessori school for several years before her marriage led her to the United Kingdom. She continued to teach in the UK with elan. However, she suffered a personal setback when her marriage did not succeed; this constrained her to change professions, and she quickened her pace to build her resources.

Neha returned to teaching with renewed determination and a commitment to empowering young minds to achieve their dreams. As a career coach and professional mentor, she specialized in English language proficiency training. She helped secure financial assistance for her students, conducted psychological evaluations, helped students build their profiles, narrowed down their graduate and postgraduate school options, and guided them through the application and acceptance processes to help them achieve their career goals.

Her empathy was heightened by her struggles as a single mother. She strove to balance her personal and professional roles, and grew in both of them. While raising a balanced and academically gifted son, she proved to be a matriarchal figure to all students who came under her professional purview.

Neha's approach to teaching and career counselling is centered on her passion for helping children discover their passions and guiding them towards a challenging but rewarding career path. Her work has been recognized through prestigious awards such as the Sushma Swaraj Award for Excellence in Education and the Shiksha Bharati Award, both of which recognise her contributions to the field of education in India.

Through her commitment to excellence, dedication, and personalised approach, Neha has become one of the most sought-after professionals in her field. Her accomplishments and recognition are a true reflection of her passion for assisting students in achieving their full potential. Neha's story is one of perseverance, hard work, and dedication, and she has become an inspiration to many aspiring educators and educational professionals.