NNRC ELCA Has Been Recognized As Most Promising Assited Living Center - 2023, Coimbatore by Business Mint

NNRC ELCA is an assisted living institution for older adults and is situated at Peelamedu, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu.

NNRC ELCA is an assisted living institution for older adults and is situated at Peelamedu, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. The NNRC ELCA are experts in palliative care, transitional / post-operative care, and personalised supported daily living care. The NNRC ELCA are aware that every person is different and needs varying degrees of care. To meet these demands, we have assembled specialised services and initiatives. With an on-site doctor and round-the-clock nurses, our centre offers skilled senior healthcare specialists who are available and prepared to assist you or your loved ones whenever they want it and for as long as they require it.

In Coimbatore, Mr. Dhinakar Perumal, who also founded NNRC Retirement Community, established NNRC ELCA. As a medical support network for NNRC Retirement Community family members, NNRC ELCA, he claims, was established. When one of our NNRC Retirement Community customers was having trouble managing his daily activities after surgery and requested me to locate a facility for his post-operative care, that is when I first started planning for NNRC ELCA. There aren't many senior care facilities, as I discovered when I went looking for one. I can foresee that many of our NNRC Retirement home family members may require such services in the future and hence started NNRC ELCA. Initially I named it as as NNRC’s ELCA (ELder CAre) center - with a apostrophe s and later changed the name to NNRC ELCA for easy use.”

The elder care centre at NNRC ELCA is available to any elder who requires our assistance, he continues. However, customers of the NNRC Retirement Community Phase 1 will receive a sizable discount at NNRC ELCA. In Tamil Nadu, there is a severe lack of elder care services. Children moving overseas and an elderly population are a couple of the factors contributing to the high demand. Customers come to me from all across India, including Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and even North India. Coimbatore is typically a popular location because of its excellent healthcare infrastructure, low levels of pollution, and affordable cost of living, among other factors. The NNRC ELCA's proximity to hospitals and airports makes it the perfect location for supportive care services.

The NNRC ELCA comprehensive elder care centre has an emphasis on raising its clients' quality of life. Our older citizens are kept entertained and involved with a variety of Body, Mind, and Soul activities. For specialty treatments, NNRC ELCA is affiliated with a number of top hospitals. The organisation also has a doctor on staff and senior nurses available round-the-clock. Visits to the dentist, ophthalmologist, and psychiatrist are planned as needed.

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