Petrol and diesel prices rose for the fourth day in a row today, reaching new highs. Understand the Cost of Fuel

Today's petrol and diesel rates are Rs 107.24 per liter and Rs 95.97 in Delhi, respectively; diesel prices in Chennai have surpassed Rs 100.
Petrol, Diesel Prices Today Hiked

Fuel prices were raised by 35 paise across the country on Saturday, October 23, continuing a four-day trend. With this hike, the price of precious fuels soared again, much to the dismay of Indian inhabitants.

After a 35-percent price jump, fuel was priced at Rs 107.24 per liter in the national capital of Delhi. Similarly, diesel prices increased by the same amount, with a liter costing Rs 95.97, according to an Indian Oil Corporation pricing notification.

Diesel rates in Chennai, India's southernmost metropolis, have surpassed Rs 100. On Saturday, diesel priced Rs 100.25 per liter, an increase of 33 paise. Petrol prices, on the other hand, were raised by 33 paise per liter to Rs 104.22.

Petrol prices in Mumbai, India's financial capital, increased by 34 paise to Rs 113.12 a liter. Diesel used to cost Rs 104 in this metropolis, but it is now 37 paise more expensive.

On Saturday, one liter of petrol in Kolkata cost Rs 107.78, an increase of 34 paise. Diesel prices in the eastern city have risen by 35 paise to Rs 99.08 a liter.

Fuel prices in Bhopal also increased, according to a pricing notice from state-run oil marketing corporations (OMCs). Petrol was selling for Rs 115.90 per liter in the Madhya Pradesh capital on Saturday, up 36 paise, while diesel was selling for Rs 105.27 per liter, up 38 paise.

On Friday, Congressman Rahul Gandhi attacked the Centre over rising petrol costs, calling Prime Minister Narendra Modi's government a "cruel joke" on Indian residents. "GOI is playing a cruel joke on our public. #TaxExtortion," the former Congress chief wrote on Twitter, amplifying his assault. He also included a photograph with the caption "Fillionaire

According to a report by news agency PTI, Union oil minister Hardeep Singh Puri said on Friday that increasing petrol and diesel rates were 'axing one's own feet,' adding that such taxes fund several government schemes to provide free Covid-19 vaccines, meals, and cooking gas to thousands during the pandemic. "I believe that the simplistic political narrative we hear in India (that) 'Prices have gone up, therefore why don't you lower your taxes'... "So every time the price goes up because of anything else, it suggests you axe your own foot in the process," he said.

Auto gasoline costs in India are determined by international crude oil prices and the rupee-dollar exchange rate.

Following are the prices of diesel and petrol across some major cities in India:


Petrol - Rs 114.12 per liter

Diesel - Rs 104.00 per liter


Petrol - Rs 107.24 per liter

Diesel - Rs 95.97 per liter


Petrol - Rs 104.22 per liter

Diesel - Rs 100.25 per liter


Petrol - Rs 107.78 per liter

Diesel - Rs 99.08 per liter


Petrol - Rs 115.90 per liter

Diesel - Rs 105.27 per liter


Petrol - Rs 111.55 per liter

Diesel - Rs 104.70 per liter


Petrol - Rs 110.98 per liter

Diesel - Rs 101.86 per liter


Petrol - Rs 103.23 per liter

Diesel - Rs 95.76 per liter


Petrol - Rs 103.94 per liter

Diesel - Rs 96.19 per liter


Petrol - Rs 104.12 per liter

Diesel - Rs 103.65 per liter


Petrol - Rs 109.49 per liter

Diesel - Rs 103.14 per liter