Prarthana School has been recognized as Standalone School of the Year - 2023, Bengaluru by Business Mint

The late Shri Ravi Belagere, an independent thinker, provocative journalist, maverick showman and a visionary educationist established Prarthana School in 2002.

Prarthana School -

The late Shri Ravi Belagere, an independent thinker, provocative journalist, maverick showman and a visionary educationist established Prarthana School in 2002. A man who had a dream – to make inclusion and equal opportunity the pillars of a unique education system, that breaks the mold of elitist quality education.

At Prarthana, we believe every individual is different. Every individual has the potential to be not just the best version of themselves, but also the happiest, most successful and positively energetic version of themselves. Prarthana School, celebrates 20 years of legacy of imparting knowledge to more than 7500 children, currently, irrespective of their caste, creed, income, gender, or community. Education should be neither exclusive nor expensive.

Infrastructure alone does not define the quality or success of an educational institution. It is defined by the individuals who make up the institution – teachers, helpers, students, parents. Prarthana is not about infrastructure. What defines and differentiates us are the relationships we build with our students, teachers, helpers, and parents, the values we imbue, our cultural richness, besides academics. We focus on fostering a sense of togetherness. We nurture a sense of belonging – like a community/one big joint family

Our goal is to ensure that every child finds their own unique identity, that every child enters, participates, performs, makes mistakes, progresses, and realizes their unlimited potential. Because, yes, they can!

Our approach to learning revolves around big ideas/central themes inspired by Understanding by Design. The planning framework helps every child to understand, interpret and articulate the lesson, look at every lesson rom different perspectives to develop their own individual view. They learn to apply the lesson in the real world and reflect on themselves after immersing in the learning experience.

Every day, in every lesson, they engage in hands-on activities, to first ask lots of questions, make, break and make again, self reflect and transfer their learning to a new context by gaining a deeper understanding of the challenge/situation/context

With a focus on experiential learning, we equip students to transfer learning outside of classroom walls to conquer unexpected challenges thrown by life. We believe, bottom-line goal of education is transfer. The point of school is not to simply excel in each class, but to be able to use one’s learning in other settings. 

Every year, the entire school comes together to work towards a social cause – educating girls to end poverty, cleanliness, and so on. We believe, as a school, we have a greater responsibility to spread awareness amongst children and the community to make the world a better place to live. 

Taking forward the dream of our Founding Father, Prarthana School inspires every individual child to realize and unleash their inner potential. By kindling the innocence within the child, resonating with them, making them believe in themselves, nurturing and nourishing them.