Sailaja S.P, Director - Innovative Research Services (India) Pvt. Ltd. Has Been Recognized As Women of 2023 by Business Mint

Sailaja S.P, the Director of Innovative Research Services (India) Pvt. Ltd., stands as a seasoned professional with over 27 years of work experience, 16 of which were dedicated to Market Research and over 10 in Quality Processes.

Sailaja S.P is a seasoned professional with extensive experience in Market Research and Quality Processes. She currently serves as the Director of Innovative Research Services (India) Pvt. Ltd. During her illustrious career, Sailaja has been instrumental in implementing Quality process solutions for various organizations, enhancing their efficiency and compliance. Her expertise spans diverse industries, including IT, E-learning, and Market Research, where she has consistently demonstrated her skills in project planning, management, and process definition.

As a Market Research expert, Sailaja's proficiency lies in evaluating ideas and concepts, conducting product tests, communication testing, moderating focus group discussions, and providing qualitative insights for marketing strategy implementation. Her adeptness in campaign evaluations, mystery shopping, and customer satisfaction studies has proven invaluable in optimizing strategies for brands. Sailaja's analytical prowess extends to retail audit and consumer panel data analysis, enabling brands to formulate effective optimization strategies.

In the realm of Process Implementation, Sailaja has played a pivotal role in developing Quality Management Systems (QMS) for eLearning-based business models and product/services-driven companies. Her commitment to excellence is evident in conducting organization-wide QMS training, ensuring process implementation, and conducting audits. Sailaja's dedication extends to mentoring employees on the importance of practicing Quality principles in projects, fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

Sailaja's educational background includes a PG in Economics, HDISM from Aptech, PGD in Journalism, and certifications such as Certified Agile Coach, Certified Scrum Master, Scrum Fundamentals Certified, ISO 27001:2005 Lead Auditor, and Six Sigma Green Belt. Her commitment to excellence and leadership has earned her numerous awards, including the prestigious Women Director of the Year 2023 by Global Empire and BizNation TV and the Leading Women Entrepreneur 2011 in SME category by ii Global Business Information.

However, Sailaja's impact goes beyond her professional achievements. She is a dedicated advocate for equal opportunities, particularly for women. Her philosophy revolves around the power of dreams, emphasizing that focusing on aspirations can turn dreams into reality. Sailaja actively contributes to breaking the proverbial glass ceiling by recruiting and grooming numerous freshers, with a particular focus on girl students. More than 50 individuals have been nurtured under her guidance, some of whom have ventured into roles with multinational giants. iServe, under Sailaja's leadership, remains a nurturing home for these individuals, a testament to her commitment to empowering women in the workforce.

One remarkable aspect of Sailaja's leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic is the unwavering support provided to her team. Despite the challenges and crises faced by the company, not a single employee was laid off during the pandemic. Sailaja ensured that every employee received their remuneration, showcasing her commitment to the well-being and livelihoods of her team members. This resilience and compassion further solidify Sailaja S.P's reputation as a leader who not only excels in professional accomplishments but also prioritizes the welfare and empowerment of her team, especially women in the workforce.