SLV TOURS & TRAVELS Has been Recognized As Most Promising Tours & Travel Company of the Year - 2023, Hubli by Business Mint

SLV Tours and Travels, Hubli. I started this business in 2016 solely. And slowly we began a one stop solution for all your travel needs with now having a team to handle all the operations.
SLV TOURS & TRAVELS Has been Recognized As Most Promising Tours & Travel Company of the Year - 2023, Hubli by Business Mint

SLV Tours and Travels, based in Hubli, was founded in 2016 by an ambitious individual. Starting with just a mobile recharge service, the founder relied on their own determination and support from their parents to initiate the business. Despite facing opposition from others who urged them to pursue a government job, the founder remained focused on their dream of establishing their own business.

In 2013, the founder took the leap and began their journey into entrepreneurship. Initially, they offered mobile recharge services, providing customers with the convenience of a single call to get their recharges done. As the business grew, the founder built a strong market reputation and customer base by personally visiting clients' homes, sometimes collecting payments on a credit basis.

The first taste of success came with a profit of Rs 435/-. Although seemingly modest, this milestone held great significance for the founder, representing the realization of their dreams and hard work.

After three years of running the recharge service, the founder expanded their venture by launching "SLV TOURS & TRAVELS" in 2016. The travel agency now serves more than 600 clients, catering to both Domestic and International Tour Packages. Through strategic partnerships with major brands like IRCTC, Indigo, Akasa Air, and prominent hotel chains such as TGI group of Hotels, Royal Orchid, Taj, and more, SLV Tours and Travels has become a one-stop solution for various travel needs.

The company's success can be measured by several major milestones:

On February 9th, 2019, SLV Tours and Travels organized a Group Tour to Dubai with 50 passengers.

On May 19th, 2022, a group of 45 passengers enjoyed a tour to Mysore & Coorg organized by SLV Tours and Travels for KLETECH.

On June 9th, 2022, SLV Tours and Travels arranged a Group Tour for 50 passengers to Koyna Dam & Mahableshwar for KLE Civil Engineering.

On June 5th, 2023, a group of 20 passengers embarked on a memorable tour to Varanasi - Prayagraj - Bhubaneswar, organized by SLV Tours and Travels.

On June 21st (year not specified), the company achieved a significant milestone with a corporate group booking of 185 members in Bangalore.

The success of SLV Tours and Travels would not have been possible without the dedicated team behind it. The key pillars of the team include:

Soumik Das, serving as the Executive Director.
Pinki Nayak, taking charge as the Tour Manager.
Avinash and Akhila, handling the responsibilities as IT Heads.
Renuka G, managing the Front Office.
Apart from the core team, the founder acknowledges the unwavering support and mentorship of Dr. Mahesh Deshpande, who has been a constant source of mental, moral, and financial assistance. Dr. Deshpande is not only an unconditional well-wisher but also a respected guru, idol, and a cherished family member to the founder. His guidance played a crucial role in the growth and success of SLV Tours and Travels.